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  1. SWEET Pat I love that color :14: There is an annodize shop in pa about 20 mins from me and they have like 75 different colors to choose from but you have to fill an order lot, because it is like $120 for a parts lot to get finished and it doesn't matter if you have one or 75 pieces it's the same price for what ever he can fit in the tank. I'll try to make it over there soon to get some sample chips if anyone is interested,maybe we could all pick a color and get a group of parts together :32:
  2. I can't wait to get it all done and start My Silver Streak,because I road a Viper when I was a kid and I feel a certain kinda way about that one ! Did you see the wheels for it? Larock hooked it up on the trade away!
  3. Sweet I'm glad you like it! Now,I have some silver Teflon coated cable and I have some red ? And yes I know the chain and spyder have to go I just had that stuff laying around so I through them on.Ginny's has the proclass spyder and the red chain,and then I'll be ready for the gallery with the decal from you and the pedals and tires I have coming it will be looking right !
  4. Oh yea I almost forgot I put the facyory bars back on it as well
  5. Check it out I'm souped ! I think the grips compliment the pads and decals super Please give me your opinion on this.I'm still going to change the pedals and the seat. I might want to change the spyder and chain too? With or without the Plate ?????
  6. I love it ! Sure looks Good to me ! Nice Work ! :smthup:
  7. My 1987 Haro FSX this one was in fair shape so I gave her a good polishing and some new parts and was on my way to the parking lot with it.I put a fresh set of Gyro cables,an nos Viscount Dominator in orange,some Tioga Compe ST 175 tires, and I put a set of showtime cranks which I plan to change in the future to the stock single piece Haro's I hope you enjoy it as much as we do ! :smthup:
  8. I want to get the Pro spyder from Ginny's and I would like this seat in red and a red Izumi Chain and red grips but I'm obsessive compulsive so I'm sure I'll get all of that stuff sooner or later oh and I'm waiting on a race plate from Hainiey
  9. I rescued this clean GT from behind a house about 45 mins away for a Meir $20, and a few NOS parts and some TLC later,this is what I came up with.First the frame was gently cleaned with a bit of goof off and then shined up with some carnauba wax.After getting the frame and decals looking presentable again I began applying some brand new,brand name parts.We'll start off at the top and work our way down and back.First we have a fresh set of old school blue AME tri's slid over a nos set of white GT Performer bars and accented nicely with some fresh pink MX levers (not my first choose,but its what I had) attached to some new pink cables leading us to a nos Spin Tech stem.The bike rolls on some nos Peregrine Master mags wrapped in some fresh white GT gum walled tires,which are brought to a halt by a MX brake caliber up front and a Dia Compe center pull out back,with SkyWay pads all the way around.However these bad boys wouldn't move anywhere without the help of a few other components like the GT Power Wheel & Tioga Compact Disk dragging an all white KMC chain back to the 16 tooth SunTour freewheel, and some pink Tioga P8 pedals which have been installed since the picture was taken.After you get her moving you'll need something to stand on if you're not a poser! so I've installed some pink GT fork standers & two sets of SkyWay pegs.When you're not trying out for the latest X Game you'll need a place to sit so I installed a fresh pink GT seat attached to the factory post and held in place by an Odyssey post clamp in pink. That just about wraps things up for this one ,I hope you like it as much as me
  10. This is my 85 Hutch WindStyler that I picked up locally from Ryan's Bikes in Winslow Tsp NJ(Great People /Great Prices) for an undisclosed amount in case my wife reads this! After buying the bike I stripped it of the original sticker kit and polished the chrome back to life with some naval jelly and mothers polish.I then applied a fresh sticker kit (wrong year)to give it that show room look.After getting the frame and forks set straight I put some all white Sumi wheels wrapped in green Tioga Compe ST tires with some loose ball ACS hubs and a SunTour freewheel.I used a fresh silver ACS Z chain and some Tioga P8 pedals to get the thing moving and some DiaCompe Nippons for stopping power.When I'm not doing some soft flatlanding,I need a place to rest my rump so I went with a green Hutch Trick Top seat,held up by a chrome Odyssey drain pipe post and held in place with a blue Odyssey clamp.For something to hold on to I used some green and white ODI shrooms slid over some SkyWay EZ Bars in green as well. To top it off I went with a white Hutch stem and a blue Gyro. Thanks for checkin out my old skool ride Brian
  11. ALL RIGHT ! it's not finished but I'm likeing it,however there are a bunch of parts that I want to change lmk what you think?
  12. I've got some orange brake cable and an orange head set if you need it LMK :smthup:
  13. Cool,you think the lavender too,I guess I'm going to have to wait for the paint to get done,and see :smthup:
  14. WHAT LIKE I'M SOME KINDA FUNNY GUY! LIKE I WAS PUT HERE TO AMUSE YOU! LIKE I'M SOMEKINDA FUUGIN COMEDIAN OR SOMIN! B) pow...ping...pong... I can't wait to get that bike done! SOOOOOO.... I can start this one
  15. This SUCKS but it'll be fixed real soon,does anyone else need these? LMK and I'll get you a set
  16. Just in case you were wondering I'm doing the bike all lavender with just a hint of white. Frame & Fork,bars,post,post clamp,and pedal bodies-lavender paint Stem,gyro,and crank arms-white paint seat,wheels,gyro cables,chain,head set,and tires-lavender brakes,-white Parts: F&F-USA Hutch Trick Star Stem & bars & grips-Hutch prostem,Mike Dominguez bars,and A'me grips Post & Clamp & Seat-Hutch post,Hutch post clamp (early one with hutch),Dominator seat Cranks & Pedals & Chain-RedLine 401 single pinch Flites,Hutch Pro Pedals,NOS TPS Chain Wheels & Tires-NOS SkyWay TuffII Wheels w/Tioga Compe ST Tires Extras-Hutch stem locker, PS let me know if you think I should use the lavender grips or white A'me rounds?