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  1. I laced a set of wheel s for the first time last night and couldn't figure out where I went wrongbut my new friend Bret (Willinois) Helped me through it.Thank you Bret couldn't have done it with out you,and OS wouldn't be what it is without guys like you!check out what I did with your help,Brian
  2. Nos All original never even had the pedals instaled Diamond Back Cool Streak (Mike Domingeuz Series)
  3. No problem I wouldn't have it any other way ! This is my favorite PLACE on the web.I don't know what your in to but I have a TrickStar thats going to be SIIIIIICK All lavender with just the right amount of white and I have 401's,pro pedals,a pro stem,nos Tuffs,and a nos lavender gyro just to mention a few parts.Right after the holidays it will be all over the site
  4. Here is a pic of the stem , I thought you might like to see it up close
  5. Nice 87 Haro Group 1 RS1 Race Technique (Black&Gray F&F) Peregrine 3 piece cranks,Haro sproket Araya 7C wheels (Chrome) sealed suzie hubs Groupe 1 dominator seat w/Haro post Peregrine post clamp Diacompe 990 rear brake Haro H stem 1st time seeing one of these? haro kneesavers
  6. Thanks Bob I have a bunch of other stuff to put on but I can't go any further till I get the wheels figured out and I get my tires from Ginnys.I'm also putting a Diamond Back together from this era and I just picked up a Californian that I'm going to do with blue parts for a mate to this bike Heres a back shot
  7. Here we go again ! I think that it is coming out nice I'm just having a problem with the lacing of the rear wheel.I laced the front one,then when I got to the back things just went south.The spokes that came out were the same lenth and so was the hub size but when I got done the spokes seem to be too long,and I laced them the same way as the front? Maybe you have to lace the back differently?but anyway here it is,oh and this is my first time tring to lace a wheel so if you have any advice I could use it,Thanks lmk what you think,Brian
  8. Hey panda , Dose your boss have a hutch pro stem? Its the last part I need before restoration begins on this bad boy,lmk,Thanks Brian
  9. Hey SRT Thanks for that info on the decals ! he just posted a set for $25 bin,and they are silver streak.dose anyone have shots of the different brake bridges? I looked at one today and I'm not sure what model it was but I remember the break bridge,Thanks
  10. Cool Thanks again everybody ! Is the silver streak sought after or is a cheese model ? I would rather put viper stickers on there since I had a viper when I was young.Keep me posted on the forks and let me know if I can help anyone,Brian
  11. Thank You ! That is for everyone who took part in helping me and the other guys who know a little but not enough,without you guys we would be rolling around on a bunch of mutts.Now dose anyone know where I can get a sticker kit,some forks,and possable a sprocket ? I can locate the rest lmk,and Thanks Again
  12. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you help me and if there is anything you need just ask Thanks Again Sandy,and anyone else that is helping with this,not to mention all the great guys on this site! Thanks For Having Me As A Member,Brian also this is what the frame looked like when I got it home
  13. and this ones 18' from the middle of the head tube to the middle of the bb
  14. your the best Sandy Thank You for doing all of this for me,this one mesures 15 1/2'
  15. here we go, oh yea and by the way I love this site and you guys are the best !!!!!
  16. hey Sandy , maybe you can help me , I've recently iquired this DB that is accually the bike that I rode as a child ,however I'm not sure what year and model it is? I think from one of your earlier post that it is an 83 . The #'s on the drop out read 3h1605 followed by the BB simbol Which I'm guessing that that means it's a foriegn model? My question to you is do you know what model it is ? The one that I had as a child was a Viper.lmk,Thanks a million,Brian
  17. F&F - 87 Haro FSX original paint and decals Stem & Bars - Groupe 1,factory bars,AME grips Seat Post,Seat Clamp,& Seat - factory fluted post,odyssey clamp,NOS Dominator Wheels & tires - SkyWay Tuff II,Tioga compe st Cranks & Brakes - Show time , Peregrine levers, ACS 860's Thought you guys should see this one before it goes under the gun.You'll know when its done,I'll post it and it'll be a whole new color scheme Thanks for checking out my old school ride
  18. my clean oldschool GT Vertigo ST,original paint and decals