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  1. pics are coming ! IMG_1034 by smokin_endo, on Flickr
  2. Great pics Steph ! They came out sweet you got a lot of shots I missed LOL great job It was so good to see you again (I missed last year) It's always great to see everyone, Brian and Joann are so generous to open there home year after year so we can have such a wonderful day of events. We had the best time Thank You so much BP and company ! My whole family keeps bringing it up and that keeps a smile on my face. Steph your right it's been so long that we've seen a lot of Brian's local neighborhood kids grow into young adults just like we do with family and coming to BP's is always like seeing family Great time ! Can't wait to do it again ! Hope you all make it down to Philly for the group ride in September as another round of good times will be had that weekend and it would be great to share it with all of you pics coming soon thanks again Pleva Family ! what a great time !
  3. Insane... dripping with all the S.A.M. type attention to detail that we've come to expect from Andrew's bikes ! Awesome build bro and it was a pleasure to see you again over the weekend. You always build such great bikes and I always have a great time when we get a chance to hang out and chat a bit. Great save and sometimes you just have to restore stuff in order to save it... no harm no foul. I think you did an excellent job here with the 24 great job ps: I got some sick pics of this baby at BP's
  4. sweet Alvin's new airliner ;) taking flight in the near future I'm sure
  5. me 2 im not anything I can help with ? I'll be up on Friday holla
  6. maybe you should come over and we can work on a few things tonight or tomorrow night ? Shannon has off tomorrow so tonight may be ideal if your up for it give me a call either of you even though I know Jon is too far away to come over
  7. Cool deal I asked about the SST but would rather see Woody with it so I'll move aside on that. You should keep a good deal of them...a few of those I haven't seen since starting to collect again great score ! Enjoy them and don't get too stressed out over the business side of all
  8. Rick Moliterno sorry Rick sometimes some of the names slip my mind
  9. ? Joe Johnson ? not sure Monte Hill Josh White
  10. SWEET HAUL DUDE ! damn... most people collect stickers for years and don't amass such a sweet collection some great decals in there that you just don't see !
  11. Mr Miyagi thank you for fixing my bike LOL Great build I love the two four they're great looking cruisers
  12. one of my all time favorite people ! Patrick and I spend hours on the phone and sometimes it takes other people to tell us how long we've been talking in order for us to finally hang up LOL He offers so much to us all in many different ways and getting to know him better & better over the years has been a highlight of my journey collecting bikes and records thanks for being so interesting and such a great friend even some of the stuff in the interview was news to me great spot light...looking forward to the next installment
  13. HOOT HOOT HOOT ! ! ! ! Lets do it ladies ! No excuses nice post Matt !
  14. the last rendition of the redline version has no sticker inlay smooth all the way around and from what I understand they were already doing this by the time the half wraps came out so like 90 or 91 ?
  15. nevermind your bars have a much better quality weld and the nittos have no knurlings probably right about them being RL
  16. they look like Nittos to me and that's what my 80 goose came with ? just a thought
  17. I remember it well that was before Snorton's mega score outta MD I also remember the pics when his garage looked like CW's warehouse we bought a brand new Flyer and put it up stairs for when my kids get bigger... same as the one in this thread