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  1. stunning Brett you just don't see them that old and in NOS condition can't wait to see what you do with it
  2. yeah but it will all be worth it in the end Steph Can't wait to see everyone
  3. dude I know your just fuskin with the guy, he takes it well and you know better then anyone here that I love that shit ! All we do is bust on one another and I eat it up. Talkin shit with you might be one of my favorite things to do. Your my brother except we get along LOL I see tons of good humor in here but there is some stuff that's just straight out belligerent and unnecessary hey I should'a jus kept my mouth shut it's no biggie
  4. no need to switch spindles your bottom bracket will work on a double dimple and his loose ball will work on your current set up
  5. it's really not though Lee Purple Reign is a name Hutch came up with to associate Lavender directly to the Hutch brand much like Futuristic Black while Lavender and Raspberry are actual colors Look I know it looks and sounds silly for grown men to discuss the difference between pink and raspberry but in all honesty there is a difference. Coming from an Irish/German family all we do is get drunk and argue...we love that shit ! It's our family's favorite past time. and if there is one thing I've learned growing up it's that you can argue about most anything... all it takes is two people to disagree on something from there it's all about who wants to argue MORE ! Who wants to get the last WORD ! Who can PROVE what they are arguing is TRUE and they are usually crowned the victor of said argument In this case you've got one guy who wants to prove a point and educate us on a paint variation that may have otherwise been overlooked. Not saying it holds any historical or significant value but it is valid information and most of the people who have contributed to the thread have either discarded it and insulted the guy or acted like it was useless information. I think the reason this thread is so long and drawn out is because most people keep coming back and taunting him and they refuse to acknowledge the difference which he clearly displayed a number of times I see that it's raspberry and I'm glad he brought it up. Now if someone asks my advice on color matching that bike I will suggest white or black over pink because it will be hard to match the Raspberry pigment that CW offered their bike in some of you act like if your bike ain't chrome or black your wee wee will fall off and boobs start to surface
  6. another vote for RL Techmatic or Hadley the lock nut is a 28tpi
  7. dude read what's there not what you want to read
  8. dude all the people who would of cared enough to make valuable comments on this thread no longer post on the site. All your going to get is comments from people who find it amusing and/or don't like either color Pink or Raspberry. We used to debate things like this all the time (Peregrine mags come to mind) and with the right audience you can dig up some good info on how things changed over the years. For instance the 85 GT Performer in Purple is different by more than one hue when compared to the 86 year model. Even Hutch pink has been debated and some believe that overseas Trick Stars came in a darker hutch pink then the US made versions. Some people are unaware that Hutch made a true blue Hutch Trick Star (not baby blue or candy blue) just plain blue. I think all of these facts are important and should be discussed and documented for future reference. I've been searching for 7 years tiring like hell to find a set of PURPLE Skyway Tuff II's and I've only ever seen one set ! They made them and I know it but some will argue that they were all one shade of purple which I've come to know as lavender. All I know is my CW (what a quwinky dink) has lavender and needs purple because the pads, decals and seat don't look right to me I truly despise reading hate post on freestyle I know some of it is in good fun and I'm not saying this whole thread was a freestyle bash session but some of you never change
  9. some more man we had a great day yesterday ! Thanksagain for having us down M&M
  10. some endo shots from yesterday at the Beach with my wife OSpk Chromey and the Megster more coming
  11. Awesome CW ! Really I mean that I know they're not the most sought after freestylers but I have a strong passion for them. A good friend of mine growing up had two and so I've always had a thing for them. I also really dig the CW with the fat welded on rear pegs...was it the shaker ? maybe an earlier Flyer ? anyway nice work on the post Looks perfect
  12. just another cw post worth mentioning the laid forward CW Mike Buff post with TRP style handle
  13. SWEET ! I love the feeling you get when you reunite parts that would of otherwise sit in hopes of finding a mate cool stuff and you don't see Zeronines too often
  14. great stuff in here Welcome Ed and Lance pics pics pics
  15. to be honest I don't know for sure someone more knowledgeable then myself will have to positively identify it but it looks CWish to me ? I'm not sure what model or if that's a CW type serial # but the frame configuration and dropouts look like CW stuff to me
  16. OK in that case lets see the brake bridge and downtube gusset
  17. of course I know it's not just to clarify just looks more like a CW then a Thruster to me
  18. WOW ! Never saw anything that old in that condition NICE Hec
  19. sweet score ! Those 70's relics define the MX in BMX very cool
  20. X2 thanks for sharing that with us Steve
  21. Welcome back Jon ! Good to see you around ! Can't wait to see the complete line up !
  22. Wish I was going to be there have a blast guys and don't drink any of Kerry's Strawberry daiquiris