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  1. I'm coming back out but still have to nail down the details. Not sure who I'm coming with and if my wife and/or children will be joining me this year ? That can get pretty pricey. Also still need to figure out what day I'm flying in and out ?
  2. Nice You know how I feel about your collection and the pics are cool but come on midget get them damn bikes out side and take some pic with that new toy you just got
  3. Cool pics I take it the stuff is for display only ? Some really cool stuff on them shelves thanks for sharing it with us I can remember walking into shops that were stocked like that all the time back in 04...brings back a good feeling seeing there are still some shops out there with stuff
  4. not having the same problem but did notice that when I go to the old web address the old page still shows up and says it's under construction. I think the big plan was that when we put in OS-BMX it would automatically dirrect you here ? Maybe Steve knows and is working on it ?
  5. They look like first gen MCS pegs and Tioga Roll Ons had a baby LOL Cool advert Matt
  6. LOL I see your still cracking your self up over there LOL No worries guys I know where I stand with both you guys it's always in good fun Bret believe it or not I've thought of you on occasion when I'm at Roller Jam just because I know your background as a bar tender and I know you'd like the atmosphere
  7. It was in bike of the year. oh and lots a women at the rink dude...just so you know no ymca just Roller Jam LOL (here comes Bret with the roller disco jokes LOL) two dj's spinning different types off music all night, a million dollar sound system that will unlock the stall while your taking a shit it hits so hard, a million dollar laser light system, two bars and all the women you could shake your stick at Roller jam is a country mile from the ymca bro every saturday from 9-2 am love it and here is the quad since you didn't see it yet and my favorite shot of it
  8. What's up Pat ! I guess you've been spending a lot of time and the institute of science and archeology being studied as the last living dinosaur ? Hope they're paying well LOL Not too much on the bike front. I did build a Quad finally and I recently found a pretty cool 1980 goose. Other then that it's been a lot of family time, working on the house, and roller skating
  9. look what floated up from the drain welcome back turd biscuit
  10. Congrats to both Kerry and Aggy on a great interview ! Good Job guys that was great reading
  11. This thing is cleaning up so sweet can't wait to share but will have to due to the condition of the mags. They will need extensive cleaning and it may take a day or two ? I'll report back when it's cleaned up and rebuilt
  12. cool bike she looks stoked Start em young
  13. just seeing this now Very nice job Matt looks almost new sweet build bro
  14. Thanks for all the great feedback I'm still buzzing over this one...I know it's not a grail or whatever (gay) but it's just so real and I can really connect with this bike I mean around here this IS what was everywhere. The more I look at it the more I'm really diggin it. I'm thinking a nice clean up-regrease-rebuild and call er done...everything's there I will need to replace the bars (bent) the grips (gone) and the brake pads (gone) lastly maybe the chain other then that I won't change a thing. The cassette freewheel will need to be rebuilt and I'd like some opinions on the finish. I know how much elbow grease it will take but can it be polished back out with Mother's ? Also will the finish be distorted or do you think it will polish out evenly ? I really don't want to use any power tools in fear that I may go through the nickel in areas or end up with wheel marks (anyway I like doing it by hand...builds character LOL) anyone know the deal on the post clamp ? Is it generic ? OEM ? junk ? Yah you are right. I miss the farmers market/ buying stuff out of peoples trailers/vans. The radio guys are always a hoot! They have so much out dated electronics stuff . It has been over a year since I have been able to go to one.. nothing out here in the sticks.. But somehow I have managed to collect more junk anyway He only knew it was a Goose because the original decals were still intact but the original owner of this gem knew it was a mongoose as well poeple know all sorts a stuff
  15. even the nickle under the frame pad looks great...bet it could be polished back to a nice shine more pix I'll be back after these two birthday parties befroe I leave for skating LOL Talk to you guys soon
  16. thanks guys I was really excited after getting it home and taking a good look at what was there
  17. can you tell I'm in a rush ? LMAO I'll be back sorry for the choppy run on opening
  18. it's been some time since I've stumbled upon anything let alone anything with so much original style. I woke up late this morning and it was cold so didn't really feel like hitting the mart all that much but I planned to meet a friend who was already there so I felt obligated. I headed down saw mike's truck and parked I walked the whole place looking for him so I didn't spend much time really looking at what was there I get to the last spot in the entire place and I see a blue California Lite's padded seat cover crammed in-between two ten speeds (bingo) It turned out to be an 81 goose with Tange 1200's and bunch of other stuff anyway it felt great to find something again and this is a pretty cool bike as it sits so I thought I'd drop in and share check it out y'all
  19. looks great B but lower that post a bit...just like two inches
  20. Awesome Craig that thing is sweet and in great shape BP should grab it for the "SHOP"
  21. NICE ! Love the mock up and that old Ford is the SHIT ! nice stuff mike