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  1. you betta respect that bike....isn't it older then you ?
  2. Congrats to Everyone who played a part this year It was great to be a part of it again and voting was extremely hard this year. Great bikes guys...Big ups to all the winners and Steve as well as the Mod team for doing there thing Great contest this year looking forward to the final round and seeing who the overall winner will be Also anxious to see what Steve B's come up with for the award...the Peck Park trophies were second to none
  3. WOW This is cool and unique Great project...looking forward to the end result, keep us updated lots of history there
  4. this is all I could find in my pc and I can't scan anything right now
  5. The Peregrine looks like an Expert and is probably from 88 or 89. Parts for it are pretty scarce but not necessarily expensive. They came in blue and white and maybe a few other colors can't recall on the fly. I had a black one with splatter paint but I gave it to my cousin. They're pretty cool when they're built up...reminds me of the sport. Nice score oh and I know nothing about the Mosh
  6. please Jeff...regardless of the color that thing looks like shit in black and white it's just a poor attempt to restore something. The damn bike looks like it's marshmallow coated. All the hardware is coating and the whole deal. The solid tires the whole thing is just fuckin YUCK sorry maybe you'd rather I fake it and juice the guys head up with phony compliments ?
  7. dude I'm with you guys 100% and would love to help out it's just not the right time for me. For me personally to contribute the way I'd like (which I believe is what Steve is looking for) it's very time consuming. Everything's a project...threads, builds, long winded replies backed up with good literature to back up your discussion and keep people interested, staying active in the community with contest and events. I get it and I know you guys know that about me which is probably why it bothers Steve to see myself as well as other likeminded individuals leaving replies on threads like this waste of bandwidth and the best way to make change is to lead by example but I'm personally too busy right now so in short for me it's easier to leave a meaningless reply for a taste of camaraderie and to let my good friends know that I'm still here then to contribute nothing at all and sometimes Steve's replies make me think before replying. Right now simple conversation with even my wife my best friend on earth feels force-feed and unnatural. I'm not myself and that makes it hard to think about the things that bring me back to my past. I've been trying and I'm sure one day I'll be back to my old self it just ain't gonna be tomorrow last thing and I have to get back to what I was doing Thank You Trev It's guys like you and Steve and Kerry, Marcos, Marcus, BP, Tom ect ect ect that keep me coming here even on my worst days
  8. I'm sorry Marcus...I've just had a POS year with a lot of traumatic stuff going down in my life and it makes it very hard to stay positive. I know things will get better for me but I'm the only one who can make these changes. All of life's distractions have stopped me dead in my tracks with the responsibilities I have to my family and I'm pretty behind on things around here. This makes for a difficult situation...I have such a huge pile of things to do that it's hard to balance and figure out where to start I know I still have to ship you the CB parts for your buddy and I haven't forgotten you guys I just have to dig it out and get it shipped for y'all. Right now my house is without heat, my wife is irritable from sleeping in the living room for 5 years and our house is crammed like a can of Pringles. I have to get caught up on the electrical work and get my heater reinstalled with all the new ductwork and being on here won't make this happen. I also have five cars that need small amounts of attention before I can sell them and my tools are buried in the garage under bike stuff so to me at this point in time the bikes are a nuisance (not the hobby just all my crap) and sometimes I only get five seconds on here to read. When I want to leave a positive reply I get hung up... I start writing out my thoughts and I'm interrupted shortly after so getting things written out is sometimes a hustle. Even right now I only came up stairs to check on my daughter before I start the next strain of 10/2 and work on the next breaker. Steve I love you man and I'd do anything for this site but you bitching about the content is OLD ! You sound like a little kid on prom night asking for some ass the whole night at the dance instead of serenading his date in hopes for the big payout We would rather you smother us with great content where we feel compelled to join in as opposed to constantly hearing how we're doing it all wrong just sayin
  9. Nice shots Rob...bikes look fantastic....you always put together great bikes you come up with any cool ways to display them at the house yet ? I want to work on some custom racks I have planned for my basement but it probably won't hapen until after the new year Happy Holidays Bro
  10. I read the whole thread and left a reply without looking at this piece of shit should waste my time ?
  11. hey assholes I created clownpuncher and if I don't get my due respect I'll get rid of that dickwod I'm pretty funny too ya know you guys just can't hear my sqeeky voice on here
  12. very nice Love the baby blue and the bike shop logo is the shizzle
  13. you guys are crazy....who needs all those bikes I mean Why ? You can only ride one what's the point ? You'll never see me with all that junk laying around
  14. X2 that shit looks brilliant bro ! I was checking out the sky on Sunday and thinking how bad I should of taken a few pictures. Some of them are a little blurry but you really captured the natural elements. It looked amazing on Sunday wish I was out there riding with you
  15. that thing is so dope Jake nice score dude
  16. KIWI ! That's the word I was looking for Looks KIWI to me
  17. who doesn't know that Rob...honestly ? thanks for the clairifiaction