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  1. could'a fooled me quote taken from BMXmuseum "Wait till you see my next RL that will be posted soon, it will be the first of its kind original to the RL ad. I've put a lot of $$$ and good time into it. I don't mess around when I have a project and money was no object to this build. It will surely be eye candy" don't go sucking your own dick yet I checked out your bikes over at the museum nothing to go gah gah over and don't put into question my involvement with BMX...I go to sleep and forget more about this shit then you'll ever know. Your fucking with all the wrong people I could give a shit about your pictures and/or your plates. You want abrasive you got it ace and where exactly did you confirm that the black plate was never made ? There are far to many anomalies in this hobby to take anything for granted
  2. ^ thank YOU ! If your doing a replica and you know the plate is fake and want everyone to know it is fake why not make it black ? Oh and don't be so certain that Redline never made that plate in black We have seen stranger things happen by way of the riders request
  3. yeah those forks are Akisu...says so right on the drop out LG's that look like those are from the SE Trick Master and are capped and smoothed with a SE stamp a wind styler fork may not be that hard to come by ? Even though a lot of guys use them on Trick Star to minimize cost when in need of a fork
  4. Cosmic chrome is a color offered by powder coaters that is supposed to resemble a chrome finish but is more a cool shinny silver if you want my honest opinion. The frame looks cool and should be pretty dope build with all those hutch goodies I had that color done on the trailing arms for my 62 Chevy years ago and it looks even better in person but not quite chrome like some of the powder coaters will advertise it can't wait to see it all finished up
  5. must be pressing out a few more plates for some of his super duper trustworthy friends and will get back with the picture when he's done washing them down with holy water one picture...how fucking hard is that ?
  6. fuck it Trev he won't even take the time to post a stupid picture instead he'd rather choose what replies he wants to address and side step the issue at hand so I'm keeping it real. I've been doing this too long to fake the funk how hard is it to build a bike that is pictured in front of you ? It's like a model with a build sheet no creativity what so ever. I like bikes that express a collectors vision not duplicates someone else's idea but from what I've seen it's this guys style so whatever
  7. I'm sure your bike will be nice but after seeing Shinglehead's Club Homeboy RL20II and RL's personal Hazard Yellow RL20II in person everything else pales in comparison.
  8. people feel that way because he cares more about the hobby then having a bike part so bad he will go to any extreme to get one....like making his own that and he can smell out a douche bag like a thirsty lesbian on prom night
  9. If you think your unhappy now how are you going to feel when you get a letter from Seattle Bike Supply about copy rights and there Redline logo. Yes they do frequent these forum pages and some of them contribute so I wouldn't be surprise if that fear became a reality. Just post the picture of the back of the plate and save everyone a bunch of time simple as that
  10. I have no time for all the pm's and rubbish a simple picture of the back of the plate will clear up this whole matter and we can make with the congratulatory speeches I think the plate looks dope and I know from personal experience how hard they are to come by. I do not care... it does not justify exact copies which I doubt we are dealing with here. All I'm saying is a picture will save us a million words. Don't get discouraged this is the most core group of vintage collectors and we are a community that stands by one another and in time I'm sure you will be a major part of that. We're not flaming you and if your bikes of the same quality as that plate I'm sure you will fit in around here just fine but we work together as a group to safeguard the integrity and dignity of this hobby and while other sites might let anything slide we work hard and take pride in our beliefs in order to keep this thing going. Your taking comments that are based on years of experience with this stuff and blowing them way out of proportion without taking the time to understand where people are coming from. I'd be willing to bet that other then myself NONE of the guys who commented on your plate need one or really give a shit about them however they do care about others getting burned and not directly by you. You can swear up and down that your only making X # plates and/or that your a great guy who would never rip someone off but the fact remains that your only human and will not last forever in fact it's safe to say that the plate you made has a longer life expectancy then you the creator so you can not take full responsibility for what will happen in the future. It's the next guy who may not be so upstanding and when the next guy rips off this guy this guy comes here to bitch about it. We're constantly identifying fakes for suspecting members who have been duped and it's just easier to address the problem before it happens. the back of that plate has a unique webbing that I doubt you duplicated...if that's the case everyone will relax and probably have a higher appreciation for it. It will show that you have integrity and you care about the future of the hobby. We're not against look-alike's but we are and stand strongly against exact copies (fakes) before you get defensive and come back with all the reasons why you will never dup someone consider this A long time member here had his childhood bicycle stolen right out of the back of his car in an upscale neighborhood right in the driveway only to find it on Craig's list 3 days later. Shit happens and when it does you have no control over it and that's when people start to see things clearly. Fact: Those plates are made Speculation: They will always be in the hands of the trustworthy
  11. any pics of the back hope these aren't problematic for you in the future
  12. I'm with this guy (hey Mike) Cool build but lets focus on what's important here...the integrity of this hobby, please sacrifice a small amount of detail in order to save yourself as well as others from future deception. This is an on going problem in this hobby and it doesn't go over well on this site that said I look forward to seeing your replica in all it's glory
  13. Here's a few Point Pleasent (not really a group shot but there wasn't much of a group back then LOL Steve Jain's first happening NYC Central Park 1st go
  14. Thanks guys I think some are hesitant in wishing me well on my birthday thanks to an April Fools joke I pulled earlier in the year....but yes yesterday was my Birthday and we had a great time Thanks Guys Happy Birthday Jim (it is your Birthday too right ?)
  15. Always nice to see this one again Great little touches Matt....it's all about the details baby ! Looking GOOD
  16. WOW What an awesome DAY ! Everyone seemed to have a blast and with little or no problems at all ! I really enjoyed this one...great group to enjoy a weekend of bmx'n with Bret thanks for the kind words I'm really glad you all enjoyed the Boombox and the Quad build. I haven't had much spare time for the computer and yesterday I spent the entire day trying to get the pictures uploaded (computer is moving at snail speed) then last night when I saw this and went to reply it shut down on me for like the fifth time and I just went to bed Anyway it was a great time and my knee is finally getting back to normal LOL I'd love to have one more group ride before the weather changes but we'll have to see if time will allow it with the holidays and stuff it's hard Here is a link to my flickr page...I still have a bunch of editing to do and don't know when I'll have much time but I will work on it asap pix
  17. Todd you can't see the Trick Star hanging up in the back ? Oh and Mall Rats ROCKS
  18. Nice ! Mine was exactly the same as yours when I bought...black no stickers solid cable guides no weep holes and numerical serial I still say 86 100% I stripped my Bottom bracket but they were the same when shipped from redline
  19. Cool pic Bri Looks like a US made huh I turned off the red light
  20. sorry Spike have a great time the bike looks great and as stated above we all know how you like your rigs set up
  21. Happy Birthday Matt have a blast bro wish I was headed out with you guys
  22. Looks terrific ! Way to go all out with the attention to detail Great build all around