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  1. Update to the build. I didnt mean to get all black parts but its how it worked out when buying a package deal.
  2. Doug still makes race cars. So he is a artist in welding metal. Haha
  3. Here it is. Really like it. Has a 21" tt and Doug's first gen drop outs.
  4. Cant wait to open it later. love the box as well.
  5. Jim Dukes rode for Schneider as well and my pro xxl 24" was his according to Doug when I spoke to him years ago. The only other pro xxl 24" is Dougs. If anyone is looking for any Schneider frames he has a few left from when he built frames. He also built 10 frames for the Redman team but the owner never paid for them.
  6. Thanks. Yes its steel and real light. Yes I'm gonna build it but gonna be a while. Haha Here is my 24" Pro xxl. He only made 2 pro xxl 24s
  7. I know this isnt a newer school bike site but I thought I'd share this anyways since it's not an everyday bike you see. Here is a non serial number proto/test frame that Doug Schneider built back when he started building bmx frames and early decals. It's a black 20' Pro xl frame with different drop outs. His later drop outs had adjusters built in them like my 24" Pro xxl frame that he built. I will post more pics when it arrives. Here is a quote from Doug "It was one of my team guys frame, Wayne Mcabe. it was one of the first frames that i made, maby third or forth. i dont think it even has a serial number. it is still in good shape, it just has some of my first style dropouts. probably a 2004 frame"
  8. You might be right. But I guess I always have the option to switch back. This is bmx site not a VW site. Lol. I'll post a few soon
  9. Thought I'd mention. The hoops are bare aluminum araya 7Cs. But am womring on getting a pair of blue weinmann 7bs to go on this.
  10. Great info. I've been looking all over for dating of 7Cs.
  11. Here is some first year '77 Diamond Back dual drop out forks I just scored with a '77 DB Mx
  12. You have any idea what year they came out? I found some OG grey Ukai 7Cs. The hub even matches the hoop.
  13. Hi All, I was curious about a few things on 20" 7Cs - Where they both made in same place? - What years were they made? - When did the shinny side 7c come out? - Did they only come in ano colors or were they offered in raw aluminum? Thanks for any info or help
  14. Thanks. I think I will make it a David Clinton tribute. Since he road a 77 and 78 MX and sponsored by shimano at the time.
  15. Finally got the 77 mx. Og blue and NOS decals.
  16. Thank you. If I didnt buy it then it would have been stripped down and repainted by the next guy that was in line to buy it. Would of been sad. My brother picked this thing up for $30. Was sitting in the front yard of his neighbors house.