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  1. Mine as seen in the recent BOTY ..... totally OG 1982, down to the Comp II DB tyres and seat. My previous 82 Custom HLT, which was traded out for the above....
  2. Well done to all, great line up of entries to a very high standard.
  3. Yep... they are focusing on Roadies. DB's were always a strong part of the scene over here in Oz, bitd (80-84) they had teams in nearly all states, plated riders and always had good presence at the major meetings. It was hard not to notice the brand and plenty of people raced their bikes, not so much the top end Leary's, but everything else were in abundance.
  4. Nice info indeed Damon, watching this space with interest.
  5. Great grips, the only brand I ever used. B1-B date sounds right as I had a set on my final race rig in 83, which ran its last race mid year.
  6. Very traditional build indeed.... my first real bmx was a goose also, but I was then fortunate enought to step up to my avatar.
  7. You certainly did pick up some goodies, black hatta, very nice.
  8. Thank you guys... much appreciated
  9. I got this some time ago from a seller over on Museum, he said it was part of the Muxster collection, but I have not sought any clarification on that as I just wanted it regardless. I use to dig watchin the littler guys rippin around on these back then, as I ripped around on my PK, so it was only right to have one in my collection. Whilst the build has been finished for some time, IMO it is now a complete unit with the correct uni seat and OG top bar pad Re-finished Frame & LG Lite forks Race Inc Jnr bars Mini Pro Neck Ukai 20x1 1/8 OG wheelset w/- HF Shimano hubs CQP 151 Cranks Hutch Mini pedals w/- crupi cages DC730 Caliper Here's one from the front perspective prior to that addition of the new pad and seat
  10. Always good hearing this story, great stuff Coasty.