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  1. If I ever find those pics, I'll post them here. They were on photobucket, but I deleted my account when they changed their format (started charging? I cannot remember).
  2. Here's a hand cut Haro plate for a 1979 DG California Pro. I was very lucky to reunite it with my bike, which was sold in Portland. Haney had it, and bless his heart - sold it to me after a good dose of pestering.
  3. From first hand experience, it was the coolest of gestures.
  4. Good things are happening. Stay tuned.
  5. I sent Haney an email...hopefully he'll consider it.
  6. I'll post more pics a little later (cranks too, though I have been told those have been restored to match the original pinstripe black/gold arms).
  7. Yeah, I am not sure how to approach the number plate situation. Somebody else now owns it, so it's his to do what he wants with it. I think he knows I would like to reunite it with the bike, but he's been pretty quiet about it.
  8. Here's my '79 DG California Pro, which is largely a survivor. I bought this bike on eBay several years ago, and have been trying to correct some of the inaccuracies since. For example, all the pads were reproductions. I have since found an original stem pad. The bars and chainwheel were re-anodized. I have replaced those with survivor components. The front tire was replaced a couple years ago when the correct big tread Comp II was offered up, and this week one of the Helix reproduction Reedy cages has been replaced with an original, thanks to a couple forum members from another site. Possibly the most amazing part returned to this bike is the engraved owners plaque, which came with the purchase of these limited-run bikes when new. Ben Joy came up with that part from the original owner of this bike, who lives not far from me. Even the original custom Haro plate exists, though it sits in the Haney collection. I still have some tough parts to find, but things are moving along!
  9. This is my first visit in ages. I have sold almost all my bikes because the wife and I are designing and building our next house. And, I bought a 1967 Jaguar E-type. These things have been on my bucket list since childhood, and my bike collection was a decent source of money to make it all happen. (EDIT: selling the collection was a financial booster, not a complete provider to make those things happen). So, I'm down to just two bikes. I have a '77 Cheetah and a '79 DG California Pro. Some of you may remember my previous Cheetah - orange, restored and shiny. I found another frame with original paint (but lots of scratches) and original stickers. The restored frame now lives with Rod Miles. I will build it up as is...some day. The DG was bought 4 years ago, and is largely in survivor condition. It was sold in Portland, and made the rounds with various owners before landing in my house. It's a bike I wanted since they were new. And, I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love the Smokey and the Bandit black + gold vibe. I love the exotic components. But, I hate trying to find any parts for it. The pad sets, for example, appear to be unicorns. The original Haro plate lives in somebody else's collection (and they are not responsive to my attempts to contact them). It feels like the project can never be finished. However, there are some bright rays. Ben Joy found the engraved seat stay plaque for me. The original owner found it, contacted Ben, who in turn contacted me. Will I ever return as a collector? Nah. I built a collection of almost every dream bike I wanted. It was a fantastic walk of nostalgia, and I managed to ride a couple. After selling one bike, the rest were a lot easier to part with. I never thought I would sell my GJS, but once the package was dropped off at FedEx, I had no regrets. Aside from my two remaining bikes, I have the memories and friendships with me. That's more than good enough.
  10. Still have the bike, and hopefully a deal can be made for this tire.
  11. Ben caught me off guard last night. He contacted me regarding this bike - he has the original DG plaque which would have been mounted to the lower part of the seat mast. Another cool thing came to light - Haney has the original number plate, though I doubt I would ever have the chance to reunite plate and bike. Still! I've been meaning to take pics and post this thing for ages. I have been focussed on a bunch of other parts of my life, and simply have not found the time to photograph it. Since this post started ages ago, I managed to find correct Race Inc bars and a correct SR stem. Pads have been a thorn in my side - I found an original black/gold DG stem pad, but no luck with the frame and crossbar pads. I'm a patient guy, but these impossible to find pads have made me start to lose interest in going further with the bike. So it sits. I will try to get that plague from Ben. It's short of miraculous that it still exists.
  12. I soaked the drop outs in Metal Rescue last night. This morning, most of the heavy rust is gone without any damage to the paint. In a couple weeks, I'll soak the entire frame and post pictures.