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  1. I think I'm in for this one...seeing as how now I'm a Cali resident now! I'm only a 3 1/2 hour drive away...sweet! Bob
  2. i love that tatt...I'm convinced that my next tattoo is gonna be a freestyle one of some sort...think I'll start flipping through my library of Freestylin's
  3. Josh...you rock bro...seriously Thats the one thing that keep me from riding too...the job thing. I have no insurance...and I'm up for a major job upgrade - should find out in the next week or so - but not if I break my freakin leg...and that would be just MY luck!
  4. what baffles me is why do grown adults wanna argue with 16 year olds?
  5. Dude, Lord Voelker is STILL so fucking RAD!!! He still kills!!! Great pics btw...
  6. wow...if they are gobbling this stuff up, maybe ill dig out my Pink '85 master complete and my chrome 86 sport frame and see what they get..........
  7. I'm saying (no offense whatsoever intended towards you Pauly) that that is NOT a $900 bike...thats all - and I'm a Haro guy! Bob
  8. $900?!?!?!?!?!???? Sorry Pauly, but you gotta be kidding me....
  9. Dude, that black Ceppie CW is gonna be sooooo dope! And not just because it's gonna have my old black Z rims on it either...I just always loved that bike in the pics in Freestylin bitd!!! Bob
  10. Just won this...will be my winter project...something different for me a midschool ride. Any ideas for me guys? Bob
  11. since parted out and sold - most of it anyway. Watch ebay for the rest tonight!