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  1. Not 100%. Some forums I stay logged in others, I get logged off or no permission.
  2. Grips...Malcolm Smith, Preston Petty, Winner Circle, Oury or Grab on Chain...HKK Smoker Seat Post....Alloy or steel Stem...RedLine
  3. i just had a similar situation. I used Kroil, soaked it everyday for a week...used JMC's method but, I used a vice to hold the stem and twisted the frame.
  4. Get yourself a product called Kroil. You can order it direct from them online. Spray the stem for a week. It will break free. I had an aluminumm post froze in a mild steel frame. i sprayed it daily for a week, clamped a stem on it and put it in a vice and gave it a twist and it broke free. Good luck and be patient. I wouldn't recommend heating it either.