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  1. Im 5'8" and I ride a Redline 29" monocog. The ride is smooth and the bike rolls forever. I do notice you have to man handle the 29er on tight corners when riding single track but they roll over everything. The biggest difference I notice between a 26 and 29 is the fact that you sit on top of a 26" but you sit in a 29", If you get what I mean. For crusing you cant beat the big wheels
  2. hello do you know how much these gloves are worth. No... How much?
  3. I have changed mine out quite a bit. I love riding this thing it is so solid. Dont see many around either.
  4. Pretty sure these are all gone. Most went to countries other than the US. Which was good for us guys in Australia. They said it was a limited run, but if they made money on them I would imagine they will do more.
  5. Some of the current top pros are that age, and older.
  6. Cool jersey Pete. Dont see that early style around much.
  7. Im looking for an early 80s quad f@f to pimp like the day-glo orange one I had back in the day. PM me if you want to sell
  8. Sensational looking bike. The colour, and geat components make it. Love it.
  9. Best thread ever, love those old images.
  10. Cool clip Stu. Good to see you giving the Profile a work out.
  11. The golden era is only relevant to where you were at the time, And we all get a bit misty eyed about days gone by. I guess all the big leaps in BMX technology were in the late 70s,with the more professional/polished era being the 80s. But as for the golden era its purely subjective. Just the opinion of a low post count guy.
  12. I always likes the oakley design. Simple and stylish.