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  1. This track is sick! 25ft start hill and 370 meteres! look at the crazy alternate shoots!
  2. CAN THE GUY WITH THE BIG CAMERA AND BROWN T SHIRT please email Muxster Email Clicka Aqui thank you..
  3. Man I look FAT again! DOH!!!! I totally blew it with the side hack jump... I wanna see the video!
  4. Thats bike was really cool... I was talking to Rick Tomey next to bike and Rick said to me.."He Deflated the tires as to prevent someone from riding it" and I looked at Rick and said.."Hey thats' a good idea..is that some BITD trick you guys thought up?" Rick was busting out laughing! Such a great time yesterday I felt like a kid on a Toys R Us 5 minutes anything goes shopping spree! Picture after picture and video too! Muxster = ) Thanks Reilley for sharing this one! You know I am a big Schwinn Cruiser Fan!
  5. Well dial the digits.. 310-489-6091 Neuhart and Nelson Photoworks We will shoot it no matter if it moves or not
  6. THAT IS F-N SICCCCC!!!!! HOW DID I MISS THAT?? GREAT TO SEE EVERYONE today...the community is STRONG as is the DARKSIDE! PEACE OUT. Who can post pics for me? M u X $ t 3 R
  7. Photocredit: Andrew Neuhart and Mike "Muxster" Nelson Everything that gets captured comes out like that. Lionel and Greyboy kept pullin em out of the woodwork for that shoot. I would like to see your guy's photos of the set if you have em.. muxster
  8. Man...you did it! I remember you calling me looking for Webco stock! I have to say that my Webco build process was the most I have ever gotten out of the BMX Life Changing Experience...Something about the Webco that just gave me the hair raising chills that only a shop called Barons Bicycle in Torrance could give you in 1978/79. Seeing that pic of that Webco that you guys built gave me that same sensation! Beautiful how folks come together to make that stuff happen!
  9. Happy Birthday Doug! Man those are some great shots and moments in BMX history! Well done Rick and Team! I bet Doug felt like he was 13 again on that mongoose! Those little kids bikes are might powerful! Muxster = )
  10. I was curious to know if anyone would be interested in having their scoot(s) photographed at Elysian Park this year? I am just trying to get an idea by interest. The specifics would have to be decided like how to deliver the images etc. One idea is I can produce 4x6 glossy prints on the spot. They in turn could be scanned and posted etc. This would keep the cost low enough etc. Assume that it was very reasonable and some kick back to the site for support. Note to Mod: please move to appropriate section. Once again this is just a survey to gather info on interested parties. I plan on attending the event regardless. C-YA there! (\/) u X $ T e R = ) PS - The site looks b!tchen....!
  11. My favorite part of the mag is right here! I appreciate the warm responses. I have to say unfortunately, that I really have nothing left BMX wise except for my 3-bar 83' powerlite which I love and it's my daily rider. In truth, work and relationships suffered as I involved myself with this hobbie. I just have to go ballz out when I get into something as I did here. I am now focusing on the important things in my life (which I should have in the first place), my relationship with my wonderful (and extremely tolerant) girlfriend Pilar and my career (studing for MSCE exam this summer). I lost site of these and had a rude awakening. I realized then that this was no longer a hobby for me, instead it was an obssession in way that was not healthy so I backed off. This "hobby" is more than something you do in your spare time. It becomes a way of life for many and some make a living at it even. Sandy's passing and my own shortcomings have taken a heavy toll in the last year within this community. But, I am still around and my door is open to any BMX'ers lookin to ride, hang or chat! That is the richest reward of this hobby, friends! You won't find those listed on Ebay either. I will be in Santa Barbara next week so I am bummed not to be able to make the event. A friend of mine is gonna check it out and let me know what I missed. I will check all the photos and postings too. Speaking of friends, S. Brothers and his wife Nisha have posted up at my apt. for a stay so I am getting all the cliff notes regarding life at OS. The26incher loaned his truck to Steve to get around, Rick Tomey loaned him a cell phone,etc. That just shows you how far these "lil kids bikes" will take you! Peace Mike Nelson "Building a better foundation, one rusty nail at a time."
  12. I was stoked to hear from Carbizguy who heard from DJ Greyboy who heard from a buddy traveling in the US. The guy buys a mag from the news stand at an airport and notices some old school BMX cruisers on display. I was contacted by Kevin Kraft who works for the mag, months ago. He wanted to use some of my studio shots of my bikes for an article. It turned into an interview and I really enjoyed it. I finally received a couple issues in the mail and I was blown away to see how sic it came out! Treat yourself to an issue. I have heard they have it at Tower Records or you can contact Kevin Kraft, kevin(removed "at" symbol)overamerica.com I'll try and get the article scanned in the next couple of days. Mux = )
  13. That is SIC! Sic Sic Sic Sic !!! I am honored that you mentioned my past Torker as inspirtation for your KOS! Kosmola was one of the 1st persons I saw on the track practicing at Ascot on a Sat, the day of my 1st race. He was on a proto-type 26" tall BMX bike which later they named appropriately. It was so damn tall it was hard to get it all in an eye full! Not only that but some tall beared guy lookin like the OM was riding it! Jeff whooped during his days racing... Very nice indeeed, but what I really want to know is how does it ride (I have an idea you hear alot of wind whistil'n when your gliding by)? PEACE! = ) Mux PS - Keep that Tri-pod close by!