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  1. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see her ride again! Awesome job on the welds and the build and thank you for keeping the "lone" original downtube decal. So cool!!! It did have the prism headtube decal from BITD and it was the blue prism "R". Again, great build, great save. Love it!!! I'll look for some pics to scan and if they are found I'll post them soon! I will also ask my bro, because I am curious now, if the hole for the brake set up was a factory hole or it was drilled. But we both ran the brakes as the undermount set up. Ted
  2. What's the yellow nylon lever here? Any ideas? I've had it since probably 1980 or even before...it's actually a left side lever. When flipped properly, the bolt heads should be face up I am assuming.
  3. Murray / Ohio? (and not bike frame related, but didn't OURY grips used to be stamped Oury Colorado?)
  4. I thought this would be of general interest to some folks...I have never heard of Soulcraft (MTB) as I am more into BMX...but take 6 minutes and check this video. Sweet tools, jigs, welders, etc. I imagine he has some serious cash in the shop tools. What most impressed me was how they milled the headtube as well as how they measured and cut the top of the seatstays (at the seatmast) before welding...and cutting the slot into the top of the seatpost mast. Anyway, check it. it ends with a powdercoat, decals, and the finished product. LOVE the headtube badge, so cool. Sorry if this is in the wrong spot... late...Ted http://www.youtube.c...&v=ZZNfowFp26c#
  5. Ya it took a few years for her to swing it! I am sure your daughter will love it. And thanks for the comments everyone.
  6. Found this and realized I never posted it... Years ago I picked up a couple of CW's NOS in the box (pink 750 for her and pink 1500 for me)! And waited and waited and waited until one day, my awesome daughter was old enough for a bike bigger than a pit. The bikes even came with pink touch up paint in the box that had long since dried away. I think these were a forerunner to CW Racing? As they say CW bikes, I think. But pretty sweet dialed in: CW logo stem, seat, tires, bars of course CW too! Her bars are pink and mine are chrome. Came with a knock-off white Ame triangle that were hard as bricks and I need to swap these asap! So we started out as a Father/Daughter build day in the garage this past Summer. And it quickly became a Father only build as Daughter found some rocks or some bs to play with, haha. I wanted a pic of both of us together on rides and will update that later, but for now here is the result of one of the builds. She loves it btw but the brakes for her are a lesson in how to NOT stop fast......hahaha Hope all is well with everyone. Ted - rockymountainhigh
  7. wow beautiful build...awesome. my favorite part is the attention to detail lining up the IRC tire logo with the valve stem...serious! cool ride.
  8. Nice spotlight Lee...very deserving. I have seen his collection and the pics are great but it is way killer in person. Thumbs up to a good dude.
  9. Just saw this...entry coming ASAP, I have been planning a rat build! Perfect timing Spur!
  10. Benny: I think the thread said they are going to be marked with a current 2010 date. I love the vintage stuff, especially the threaded forks! This is just a fun, cool project. it will be like having a brand new "27" year old frame. The real thing is nice, but tell me how many NOS 1983 chrome brand new framesets are out there? And at what cost? I used to have a GHP. And wish I could find a brand new one. This is the opp for that, at a reasonable, 2010 recession price. Everyone is different of course, but for me the point is the memories. I can build one up too for my daughter, and not worry about her thrashing a priceless NOS from the 80s frameset. And I can get a matching one to boot.
  11. Society: I read via FaceBook via a link to the Museum that GHP is making ONLY 100 Retro 1983 Pro Model Chrome Frame/Fork sets. I love my other retro rides and wanted the OS-BMX, BMXSociety to know about it. I emailed Greg today and it's a legit deal. Wait for it......Crusiers later this summer if this project goes well!!!!! Here is the thread: http://bmxmuseum.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=208445&p=1 A quote from the thread: "Hey guy's..Good questions..They will be exactly like what we sold in 1983, same stickers, same details, angles..Serial number will reflect yesterdays and today's year and the number will be 001 through 100. We will only be doing 100, each frame/fork set will come with a cert that will be signed by myself. If this goes good then we will follow up with a cruiser and it will be exactly like the first GHP cruisers we did..The plan is that when you hold it in your hands you are thinking wow, this is 27 years old and looks brand new...Greg" Greg mentioned he doesn't get a chance to log in too much but would log in to this thread and let us know what's up. I hope everyone can benefit from the info, by simply knowing about a current event with regards to a classic, and a retro issue. Greg can't be any easier to deal with, and as you know, I love my SE retro's, and this will only enhance not only my collection but our community as well. Love the dedication from these guys, supplying us with the memories, yet out of new chromo, ha! Ted - rockymountainhigh
  12. SBro...do you admire him so much that you need an aluminum matte black Brian Foster Schwinn 24 for knocking around on in them 'thar hills? Have I got a deal for you! hahaha. Wait, I do though!
  13. I like the Patty...but I really love: First: Floval Flyer (with wings and the SE logo in baby blue) Simply classic. And second: Chrome GHP decals with the red/orange/yellow strike through fade text. Makes all of the frames look so old school. So killer.
  14. Does anyone know...are the yellow and baby blue decals included? Because that would be a deal breaker for me if they were not.