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  1. I grew up in North Long Beach and was actively riding my Schwinn stingray right past there on Pacific Coast Hwy on weekends and summer days heading to Seal Beach to surf. I discovered BMX at Western Sports Arama (WSA) right after BUMS closed. For the past 35 years my UPS route is literally across the street from the original track, south west of PCH and Bellflower. Where you see the word Bellflower, that is my route. LOL
  2. I used Bendix red band hubs on most all my race bikes and had no clue they were that thick. Although I was never all that concerned about weight or 'trickness' back then. I just wanted sturdy components. LOL I also do not ever recall that seat post clamp set up. Brilliant!!!!! I'm lovin the time period rust on the seat guts too, very authentic. ;-)
  3. Very cool. I love how you can go pretty much anywhere and BMX people are family. It is great common ground. Looks like fun.
  4. Cool video, great quality. But I'm not sure I could ride that slow. LOL!!!!! I am actually envious of those who can ride slow and enjoy the moment. Between 38 years of a fast paced day to day work ethic as a delivery driver for UPS doing between 160 and 220 delivery stops a day and it just feels right to ride a bike fast, I find it difficult to ride slow. (but that's just me) Again, cool stuff.
  5. Wow, an amazing variety of bikes there. So many 20"ers there. Not an easy cruise on the smaller bikes. It was no big deal when we were teen agers, it was what was done. But 24" and 26" are so much more comfortable....for me anyway. :-) I was going to ask where you guys are but I looked at you member id and see you are down under. If you have any pics showing your location, something would be of interest to the rest of us up here, add them on please.
  6. I really need to focus. I suck at keeping my word. I was reading through just the last page of this thread and it has taken 3 F'ing years to get this far. Damn! So sticking with some Bob Osborn stories and photos.... this is from a photo shoot at Yarnell for the side hack interview in the second issue of BMXA. This falls into the "I wish I could see all the photos Bob took that were not good enough for the magazine". He went through rolls of film at every shoot. This particular jump was one of those "Dennis, could you do that one more time?" We must have pushed the hack up the hill and hit this jump at least a dozen times. He told me what he was attempting to capture. A normal panning shot, like the one Windy took of us at Corona's first turn, where the photographer follows the subject going by and captures a crisp image with a blurred background giving the concept of speed. Bob told me he was trying to do the same thing with us coming directly at him. He said he had to zoom, focus and shoot at the same time. He told me later he was not able to achieve the affect he wanted but I would love to see what his version of 'not good enough' was. I can only imagine....
  7. I just posted on a thread and it seemed way easy to post content and photos. I may have to jump start my old thread and get busy again. I just grabbed a tacky 'sign of the times' photo of me from 78. LOL
  8. It's hard to miss me in this footage, I'm sporting some seriously orange Bill Walters racing pants. LOL!!!!!! Racing solo off Bonsai and hacks off the bottom gate. The first close up is a screen grab from the video. The race picture, someone gave me, is from the same day. It is actually one of my favorite pictures from the early days of racing. The last picture is also a screen grab from the video. It is very close to the same timing as the race pic. (I just realized this gives me another 'two angles of the same picture')
  9. I whole heartedly admire everyone who has built a bike from the past and I truly appreciate the passion for the history here. I am very fortunate to have saved so much from my past. The difference with my 'stuff' is it has documented pedigree. (I hate how my facts sound like bragging)
  10. Holy crap. That's a lot of 'stuff'. Looks like a bike shop close out.
  11. Thanks Patrick. Yea, that tailgate has 'you' written all over it. LOL Now that I look at that picture, I don't think I have ever posted it before. It never fit.
  12. I was already done with racing at the time these were made but I was working part time for UPS at night and working for Greg and GHP during the day. I cleaned and polished frames and forks. I put on stickers and boxed them up for shipping. I probably put the stickers on this frame and fork.