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  1. I just posted on a thread and it seemed way easy to post content and photos. I may have to jump start my old thread and get busy again. I just grabbed a tacky 'sign of the times' photo of me from 78. LOL
  2. It's hard to miss me in this footage, I'm sporting some seriously orange Bill Walters racing pants. LOL!!!!!! Racing solo off Bonsai and hacks off the bottom gate. The first close up is a screen grab from the video. The race picture, someone gave me, is from the same day. It is actually one of my favorite pictures from the early days of racing. The last picture is also a screen grab from the video. It is very close to the same timing as the race pic. (I just realized this gives me another 'two angles of the same picture')
  3. I whole heartedly admire everyone who has built a bike from the past and I truly appreciate the passion for the history here. I am very fortunate to have saved so much from my past. The difference with my 'stuff' is it has documented pedigree. (I hate how my facts sound like bragging)
  4. Holy crap. That's a lot of 'stuff'. Looks like a bike shop close out.
  5. Thanks Patrick. Yea, that tailgate has 'you' written all over it. LOL Now that I look at that picture, I don't think I have ever posted it before. It never fit.
  6. I was already done with racing at the time these were made but I was working part time for UPS at night and working for Greg and GHP during the day. I cleaned and polished frames and forks. I put on stickers and boxed them up for shipping. I probably put the stickers on this frame and fork.
  7. Interesting. I don't recognize the track but that is Bobby Clinton (David's brother) as the starter. Worked for Ernie. The kid on the JMC has me a bit confused. Ronnie on the helmet and his size tells me it should be Ronnie West but that does not match up with the name on the back of his jersey. I'll ask Adam Cox on Facebook to shed some light.
  8. Rick, you know all the best people...... :-)
  9. Very cool explanation Brian. Not being a 'collector' of BMX stuff (only a hoarder of my childhood memorabilia) I wondered what drives you guys. I've seen many re create their favorite racer/rider from back in the day, I totally get that. It's a nice read that it was their advertisements that grabbed a hold of you. Do you still have any of the ads? My office library is a bit of a mess right now or I would look myself. Any idea what year I should search in? These are a chronology of the first years of BMX Plus....
  10. Brian, first off, cool trifecta there. Do you have any kind of personal attraction to this brand,? Have one as a kid? Or do just like pretty things? LOL
  11. With Jeff Utterback's comments about his interactions with Dan Gurney, it made me smile when he mentioned that "he was a gentleman and answered all this dorky kids questions." That tells me a lot about his character. Obviously an important person who still made time to be a normal person. He can't say he didn't live a full life. God speed sir.
  12. Cool pics Truly. Did you maybe, sutly, suggest politely that he might fix his forks? Or was he channeling JP? LOL
  13. It's great to see so many friendly faces (names anyway). Also good to get updates. Life is important and sharing is part of living. It is good to hear about those who have found significant others. I have been happily married for 26 years to someone I met in my BMX days. (I am truly a lucky man) A couple of summers ago the Baroness asked me to build her a beach cruiser. We don't get out as much as I would like but just having one for her is awesome. I may not be here for the same reasons as others but it is still important to me. I still have most everything I ever owned, I will never sell any of my personal possessions. Life moves faster as we get older guys....enjoy the ride whatever way you can.
  14. I'm with Steve Bourke there, please share some specifics of your dads business. You might be surprised if someone recognizes it. Thanks for the memories, they are very welcome around here. :-)