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  1. Love it. I have used an Xcaliber clamp on every bike when era correct. Love those clamps.
  2. That’s the way you come out of retirement. such a cool bike.
  3. That’s a beautiful bike.
  4. Sick! That’s absolutely beautiful.
  5. Thanks. man, that’s a beauty. You must have been pretty stoked to have that.
  6. Thanks, man. Hope you’re well.
  7. Fantastic. Amazing save on the finish. And I dig the finished bike. Enjoy.
  8. Wow! That’s a beauty. Love the welds & dropouts.
  9. Glad you like it, SB. Was a long time coming. Hope you’re well. Hell, I hope everyone is well. All good here.
  10. Thanks, guys. There are way more white Prolines out there than red ones. Getting harder to find either with original finish. So many went to the powder coaters. Not my bag. The original Redline red ages so nicely. Nothing takes the place of a few decades of living. Hope everyone is safe & healthy. Can’t wait for the rescheduled gathering. Joe
  11. No, they are not. Would love to find a set.