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  1. That’s beautiful. Nothing wrong with black & chrome/silver. Everyone knows that bikes with that color scheme are faster than all others. It’s science.
  2. That’s too bad. That decal was pretty great. Like most of the guys here, I’d pay more dough for a part with an original decal in any shape, than I would the same part with no or repop decals.
  3. I honestly think I have loved every bike you’ve ever posted.
  4. I agree with the above. Way too cool to restore.
  5. Love it. I have used an Xcaliber clamp on every bike when era correct. Love those clamps.
  6. That’s the way you come out of retirement. such a cool bike.
  7. Sick! That’s absolutely beautiful.
  8. Thanks. man, that’s a beauty. You must have been pretty stoked to have that.
  9. Fantastic. Amazing save on the finish. And I dig the finished bike. Enjoy.