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  1. I got an og 83 of quad, so after reading the comments, Imma say 1983.
  2. Never knew there was a difference.. Hmm might look into that possibility.
  3. Also I recall the Robi post shaving a 90 degree bend to them unlike mine??
  4. Sure looks Robinson, guess the question would be if Robinson stamped all gen post? Maybe this is an early or later one?? Thought I read somewhere that Robinson started stamping the post "Later" could be an earlier non stamped Robinson. ????
  5. Any info on this post please.. Thought it was a Robi, guy I got it from said early GHP post? There are no markings on it, and is in OG chrome.
  6. here is my 82 in OG chrome still.. wish i could find the decals for it..