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  1. Sweet frame. Very cool that you kept it.
  2. awesome interview. Woody thanks for taking the time to share. Got to meet Woody at Rockford in 09 very stand up guy. Took time to talk to everyone.
  3. very nice cruiser, stellar build
  4. Looking for input for this adapter. I know FMF use to make them also Truvitiv (sp) makes them now. Anyway I'm looking for one if they work.
  5. Melane Cline (sp) she was a fast one from Mich. Had a few factory rides.
  6. these are from the O.G. owner. These just fell in my lap while talking to someone about listing their things on ebay. I said that I use to dabble in old BMX parts on ebay. Another dude spoke up and said hey what do you think of these. I about shat myself.
  7. LINK http://s858.photobucket.com/albums/ab141/sibmx/Hutch%20and%20VDC/