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  1. So sad to hear,his screen name on the museum is bmxrush,sold him a headset for his Widowmaker last year and met him at some of the gatherings.Just heard the news today from a friend who bought his Widowmaker not long before the accident,Dang.He was a big Webco collector along with S&M. R.I.P Chris
  2. Thanks mark for the info,but as i look at my frame and spindle not sure if the snap rings will work,looks like the bearings stick out another 3/16 past the edge of the botton bracke shell on each side because of the rings,my spindle might not be long enough.Gonna be close,My spindle is 5 inches long total including the square tapers,not sure if i will have room for the lock collars.
  3. No it is og chrome and pretty sure the real deal,saw it over 1 year ago and looked it over pretty well and looks to be og,guy got it kind of the same way Pats Skyway 24 popped up,he has a little bike shop and someone brought it into him to buy or trade i think about 5 years ago he said, maybe even longer not sure,but he has had it for a while.
  4. I did not go back and read all the pages but there were a few Stick tail 24s' made the fallowing year i think,i know someone who has one and is original not stretched,looks like a big Formula One frame.
  5. That looks to be the 3 pound racing frame with the cig box gusset at the seat tube area,must be pretty early to not have a brake bridge.I raced the same frame in around 77 or mybe even 76 but mine had a brake bridge,lightest frame out at the time. Edit,Now that think of it, those frames might have been 3 and 1/2 pounds but were the lightest at the time.
  6. Are those snap Wring R10'S easy to find,i need a set for my Cruiser frame,i think they will be perfect for what i need since the inside shell is not machined with a lip for a bearing to sit against.
  7. Nice pick up,seen it on cl with only 1 pic i think,remember the lay back post and white paint,man did not realise it was a rare one,i did not have the money so did not call.Congrats!
  8. Cool,nice pics of Justin,so it is black now,did you add any decals,or did he run any?
  9. That is rad!Did they become Cal fab later on,i had a Cal fab Swing arm on my xl 250 and was trying to remember if it was the same outfit.
  10. I found what i think is the same frame[not his but serial number009],Easton Varilite double butted al tubing.Gt forks were on it just like his.I was told it is a MT20