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  1. 34/16 on a 26 in. wheel,with 180s. Same as 44/16 on a 20 in. wheel with 180s.
  2. Selloutica is that kick ass bar that (changed) for the new crowd. They better deliver at the big four with this opening line up. If they bring any of that bubble gum black album shit,or newer, I hope crowd revolts and stomps them back into the earth from wich they came!
  3. That top tube decal is the perfect visual disciption of what happens after you eat off the taco truck by my house.
  4. Just bought an inverted cruiser stem from joel & one standerd $69 each. Compared to my original patten pending & dimentions are spot on. Very high quality 4 under $70. I don't plan on winning any carpet queen show trophies with it, but now my bike is rideable, looks awesome at ten feet, & you know it does'nt fool anybody. I tried to buy one of the tuf-neck ones (offered 450) & was denied. He maid those 4 himself 4 his own builds. He says he was never going to pay 500 for an invert. U know its like putt'n a small block chevy into 32 ford. Also, I usually find in life that the people who piss and moan the loudest about other peoples acomplishments are the same ones guilty 4 the same damn thing. your loud ass voice does not speak as loud as ur trick star, or ur fake stems 4 that matter, yeah!! I said it!!!