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  1. They arent profile bars,the bends are too sharp.They actually look like newer S&M cruiser bars
  2. Wow...hard to pick anything id change on that one,maybe the brakes if i was doin a downhill event on it haha i had a red one as a kid,i got it for xmas one year
  3. Love seeing the generations continuing to enjoy our first love...hes one rad little dude!
  4. https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-real-influencers-project/id1522341030 Ok guys this is my first topic so i hope it works,this podcast is Craig Reynolds with DY,Brackens,Hill and others.Hope you all enjoy it!
  5. Cool setup,nice to see you making full use of it!
  6. I do have road bikes and a mtb bike but bmx bikes are my roots,ive raced on and off since 13 years old and i still ride and race on bmx track so im very comfortable on them.l also have friends i ride,do gates and race with,so its a good social outlet for me.Ill also add ive spent a decade at the track with my daughter who also raced,shes in the red jersey next to me
  7. Denny Davidow on a Freeagent in Reno 1985
  8. This is my post VDC GHP dec 85 with bb serial no.lt has og paint and i assume of decals as they look old,they are different from other decals ive seen though
  9. Ive sold most of these parts in OZ recently,so ive had an eye on local prices.Ill throw some local prices down for fun. frame 1k forks 400 cranks/spider/bb 450/500 stamped bars 500+ gold stem 600 seat clamp 200/250 pedals 50 I sold a motomag frame with team forks for $1300 and bought a hutch 24 f/f bars with the money for $1500 locally that said our dollar is at 75c to the usd
  10. Probably helped by aussie collectors going a bit nuts on mongooses lately
  11. Ive raced on and off since 13,ive been back with my daughter racing local,state and national events since 2012.If i could say a couple of things that may help it would see if theres any good coaches locally to help with riding technique etc,pad up with body armour and i find new older racers keep trying to get faster before they become good riders...so as much as you need fitness the ability to ride the track well is paramount...enjoy Brian its a great path to follow at any age!