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  1. Looks like it would be a dream ride!
  2. Dale Holmes does a podcast called "highlow" that has some oldschool racers amongst his interviews
  3. WOW...going to the grands and its her idea...now you are really rubbing it in...enjoy!
  4. Can i say as a fellow mature track rider/racer,a full face helmet and armour are a fantastic investmest,mine are well used and covered in scratches! Great to see you out there with your wife enjoying yourself Brian!
  5. Ive owned this GT since i bought it new as a 1st year apprentice so while its not the most valuable bike i own in monetary terms sentimentaly it has to be the one id pick.
  6. I wonder if maybe they sat in a shopfront in the sun for a long period bitd...you never disappoint with your bikes,killer build!
  7. True...some people get it i guess.
  8. I think you've done a great job piecing it together,love the color!
  9. Nice frame,such a nice red on these GHPs
  10. Thanks for taking the time to post,i keep going back for another look!