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  1. I can understand spending money on cars instead of bikes..ive got a GTO that eats up money at times..they both bring enjoyment. As for guys in the hobby i dont like i just avoid contact...same goes for bmx racing...i just steer clear,im not going to miss out on my fun because of a minority. Ive made great friends over my lifetime racing and will continue to in the future...enjoy that VW Sodbuster!
  2. Also a bit stupid if he's trying to build a name with SCR frames atm
  3. What sort of money is being paid for an 85?...why not make early ones if you're going to fake them..btw im not saying its not happening
  4. Saw that..very cool...youve had some good luck recently!
  5. At your size I'd be using 10" bars and a long stem..also the longest redline is 21.75 there are companies building 23" tt frames which would suit you better..a cruiser would feel more comfortable but you need to look at your competitors and what they are racing so you'll have a class..i guess the other thing is your budget..how much do you want to invest in the perfect setup early on..id start with bars and stem
  6. It is a shame nothing is saved on fb...one big black hole.
  7. Very cool Brian...built as it should.
  8. I think ideally the bidders should be anonymous..a number of issues could pop up
  9. Cool..Russ will clear any confusion from guys that think JC can only mean one thing
  10. Just read the rest of this thread..Aussie Russ was the seller in Melbourne,the Queensland one is JC82..i just checked an old msg
  11. There are at least 2 in oz...1 sold in Melbourne in the last year or so,the other one is in Queensland