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  1. That is harsh if the guy is antagonising Jeff on top of making money off his product
  2. Ive ridden a 24" zeronine style backend Rebel,it was also a really nice ride that could be used on a modern track.The brakes are the main thing that let it down.
  3. Thread bump..ok ill start with what i think are the best early 80s geometry,maybe bias but i rode a lot of different bikes back then 20" i think the GT pro 81/83 had great geometry very stable at speed for 18.5 tt 24" the 83/85 GHP was a great handling bike,maybe not as fancy looking as others back then but built to win a race. By 86/87 the frame that would change race frame geometry forever came out the 21" free agent limo..that had to be the 80s game changer.
  4. Have to put this up,JC didnt have any bad photos IMO!
  5. A friend sent me these 2 photo of his Aussie Team Cobras..same frame as the Centurion,i think some are full cromo and some half..these are full.
  6. It actually does, but the Mongoose-like seat stays are different than on Centurions. So, no clue here as well. Have a look at the chainstays on this Centution,i found it on the museum,says its a 1979 Centurion Proline.
  7. Truly odd, i just reread your post and feel ive spoilt the fun...sorry about that.
  8. Ive seen this on FB...looks like id just want to ride it...looks killer!