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  1. Probably helped by aussie collectors going a bit nuts on mongooses lately
  2. Ive raced on and off since 13,ive been back with my daughter racing local,state and national events since 2012.If i could say a couple of things that may help it would see if theres any good coaches locally to help with riding technique etc,pad up with body armour and i find new older racers keep trying to get faster before they become good riders...so as much as you need fitness the ability to ride the track well is paramount...enjoy Brian its a great path to follow at any age!
  3. Shame its not factory paint but its old paint...id find it hard to strip it for a repaint
  4. Not very nos with build marks under the paintwork
  5. Ok this is an Australian copy of a Moto Bike called a Crossrider. This particular bike has a thread on here somewhere,i bought it around 5years ago as is.They only came out in Yellow originally.
  6. I like to ride and race here,its my local track in Park Orchards,Melbourne Australia
  7. Il bump this with my 83 GT i bought new,all the parts are from bitd also
  8. The yellow looks great as does the whole bike..nice work
  9. VC hasnt visited the site in 4 years...cant get that lucky lol
  10. Ok...early prediction,your wife races 2021 grands..and wins!
  11. Or is there room to put a nut under the hole and tighten the brake post down like a nut and bolt....just a thought
  12. You build bikes that i keep coming back to look at...nice work!