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  1. Very cool Brian...built as it should.
  2. I think ideally the bidders should be anonymous..a number of issues could pop up
  3. Cool..Russ will clear any confusion from guys that think JC can only mean one thing
  4. Just read the rest of this thread..Aussie Russ was the seller in Melbourne,the Queensland one is JC82..i just checked an old msg
  5. There are at least 2 in oz...1 sold in Melbourne in the last year or so,the other one is in Queensland
  6. Maybe a Daylight,Carbon GT or a steel US made frame..not an Intense..just my opinion.
  7. This MCS i bought as a complete bike s/hand around 87/88..its pretty much the same as back then
  8. This my GT i bought new in 83,its almost all original from bitd
  9. That is harsh if the guy is antagonising Jeff on top of making money off his product