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  1. Ive got some of these Terry Cable cranks
  2. Certainly didn't cut any corners on this bike...one of those builds you keep going back for another look!
  3. That came up awesome..i bet it rides even better!
  4. I remember my daughter getting round on her 12"...seems like yesterday, shes since raced bmx for 8 years,4 of which elite women and today we enrolled her in uni at 19...enjoy the younger years cause they go quick!
  5. I bought the wheels Russ was going to use on this f&f..chrome Ukais with hi flanges Campy hubs.
  6. I think some retro designs of the new Bell Moto 3 would work well...GT,Skyway maybe?
  7. Nice work...especially as youve had it so long!
  8. I think opc suits the motomags better.
  9. Thanks for sharing guys..great rides!
  10. I've finally got a bike to post,but i'm cool with taking some photos and putting a post up.I with all the others very much appreciate what you do all year round with this site and I'll survive without the BOTY. Merry Xmas Steve and everyone else on this, my favourite BMX site!