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  1. I have no idea? Any thought? It also has kyosho racing team stickers on it. I know nothing about that ether.
  2. They do have the residue in the exact shape of GT sticker. But who knows?
  3. Its hard to believe these could be a knock off. They are very high quality and actually look better then the past GT bars I have had?
  4. Thanks. Looks like there is not much knowledge on the year of gt bars. I searched all over the place.
  5. What year are your older ones What is the width of your set?
  6. That is the problem I am having I think the newer models have no space between the knurling? Do yours have a stamp anywhere on them?
  7. Looks great! Cant wait to see it with decals, once you spring the 50 bucks of course.
  8. I have a set of GT bars. I would like to know what year they are? There is no GT stamp on them, they are 28 1/2 wide and have MX-275 on the left side grip area. Any help would be nice. Thanks
  9. You could be right about that. Who ever did them had a patent pending. I remember doing that too, with sand and screen to sift the sand. Made a belt buckle. Funny! you brought back a memory.
  10. I think the most important part of that whole batch of parts are the rear dropouts with the serial numbers on them. Those are where the new bikes will come from. Cant make fakes with other serial numbers but with the ones there. They are the numbers we all need to know. We will then know nothing within those were made by JMC or after the number runs are anything real. There is nothing sacred any more, its all about the money in this day and age. In some ways the internet has brought people of the same interests together. In other ways its like throw up, Just to much information, giving people the knowledge and know how to do anything including old school bmx bikes. What happened to the tricks of the trade that were handed down through generations? In some ways I wish all this JMC stuff went to the scrap yard to keep its sacredness.
  11. Every welder and there welding is Different, Its there signature. If that signature is not one of the original people who welded the bike, Its not an NOS bike built back in the day. And lets not forget about paint or powder. That to would not be NOS or the same as before. I also agree with Kerry. It would be nice to set it up as an old school workshop left as is. Just the way it was for its historical value.
  12. That's for sure. If its not welded by jmc its not a jmc bike. Its only jmc parts welded together
  13. Bike looks great! I love the look of pure old school.
  14. I Have the same mechanism on a set of red ones to. They came like that out of the box.
  15. That is crazy! I wouldn't want to be in back of you in a race.
  16. Leather Visor + Blue suede Pumas. Is that a leather visor!!??