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  1. Did some research on Lush Rush...Not it. Mine looks like the 20" frame called the "Cake", but the paint is different and it's a 24.
  2. I am looking for help with identifying this one. As far as I know it is OEM except for the rear tire.
  3. WOW- I saw all but one of the bikes I raced in this collection, pretty much built the same. FMF was EXACT, red 'Goose also, Moxie, redline squareback and of course the Champion.
  4. Saw OAS, bought a set of mx bars and wrestled them on my stingray. For a couple of years rode around with some older kids in Berkeley building jumps on the UC campus. Then was was taken up to Merrit College for a race in 75 (74?) and it was ON!
  5. We are most likely going to come up from San Diego. I am wondering if any of the Mid 70's Nor Cal people are are coming down?
  6. This brings up some memories! Very cool indeed. We (Silver Shield) had a bus and we were driven by one of the shop owners, Gene. I could be mixing this up with RC Cola qualifiers. Anyway, we were at the bus waiting on Gene to drive us to the final round of qualifying at Oakdale. And waiting. And waiting. We were starting to get nervous as you had to race at all three to qualify. Remember no cell phones. It was a night race and a long drive to get there. Finally Gene shows up, and we are all a bunch of amped up teenage guys ready to race. Turns out he was riding the city bus home from work when it crashed into a hillside and he got slammed into the seats in front of him. He had a bruise that started around his hip and went all the way down to his calf. He still drove us to the race, dispite us saying it wasn't worth it if he was hurt. Man that guy was selfless.
  7. I am going to post pics of my whip, but until then, does anyone have any background on the Gary Fisher 24" cruiser? Aluminum Y frame, 1 piece cranks. Got it in Colorado at a used ski swap for almost nothing. In pretty good shape, ride it all over the place.
  8. � Name: Rob Fischer � Occupation: Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair � Age: 47 � OG Hometown: Berkeley CA � Current Hometown: Encinitas CA � Raced BMX from when to when: 74-78 � BMX bike(s) owned BITD: FMF, Supergoose, Proline � Current Collection: Gary Fisher 24" cruiser � I collect because: I have no life � I consider myself an expert on: not much � My current Holy Grail is: Fellow Nor Cal racers from bitd � Website: � Brief personal bio: Raced for Silver Shield/ Hank and Frank during the mid-late 70's. I don't remember my best ranking but it was fairly high. Raced in the California cup, RC Cola Race of Champions, and countless other Nats. Flood (I shit you not) destroyed old pics, trophies, jersey's etc. My boys never got to see that stuff and are curious. After college got into mountainbike racing in the mid 80's and stuck with that through about 2000. Today i try to hurt myself on the pump track about a hondred yards from my house.