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  1. GTV 1986 (i think) I still have that whole video on VHS Eddie, Martin, Josh, and Bret good stuff!
  2. Here is my Haro. My last build, everything else has been sold off
  3. That thing is bangin' dude, sure beats the 4 months i had into mine
  4. Ahhhh! Always have the stickers before you strip dude! Lesson learned Like the other guys said (no offense) You never should have stripped that. J
  5. I am stuck in Ft Lauderdale for 2 weeks, anyone in this area? I will be in Tampa for the weekend. LMK dudes. I am bored, somebody join me for a beer. Justin
  6. That looks sweet, I too like the red good luck on the decals! post more pics when they are on
  7. Glenn you pyro! here is my back yard on the 4th, listen to all the car alarms go off!bomb!
  8. :40: What do you guys think about the white pedals and such? This thing rides like a dream! Paulie you have a PM
  9. I know who you are talking about! We do alot of business with them, I can't say they treat us the best but you know how it is... BTW the black color on AJK's stickers will bleed when clear is sprayed on them! I figured out a trick, but I thought you guys should know
  10. I had it done at Airline Plating, on airline rd, north side of town.
  11. Still missing some "era correct" parts here and there but it will be rideable by the end of the week! I am not going to waste my time painting the imitation bars. I will wait till I get some real ones
  12. the stickers are on at last, what a pain in the azz! So my colors don't match exactly. The clear seemed to darken the base coat. I sprayed some clear over a tester sticker and it works fine. I think I will clear over the whole thing and see if that brings it together. Alot better than it was!
  13. I finally got the clear coat on! After hours of wet sanding and a little buffing, Here she is. I should have stickers on by the weekend, I can't wait to get this thing done!