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  1. wow thats really cool stuff there boyzzzz
  2. Hey brotha cool ride,u beat me to the punch with the vector cruzer bars.using a pair on my laguna
  3. really nice build THORNTON cant wait to see it done. *805*
  4. Just laced these up for my brother-in-law..26" baby blue ACS z-rims,w/rear suntour coaster brake(NOS)and front sunshine(reanno)blue hub.blue nipples(longs)and SS spokes just wanted to share these,I think they are cool *805*
  5. nice cruiser.Thats what i was going to ask "cyco",how does it wheelie??
  6. Hey Thornton cant wait to see that Nomura build.Im from Santa Barbara and have always wanted a 26" Nomura. *805*
  7. Is that the Littlejohn/murphy from the mid 70s??