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  1. Yeah that's what I thought when I picked it up. That kid was probably the coolest in the hood until the first mongoose arrived.
  2. Anyone have any clues about this? I assume it is a cheap dept store bike. I think the cranks were replacements because one crank arm is welded on. Gusset looks like a cycle pro.
  3. Just picked this up last week. Too bad the handlebar is broken. It came with the charger and a rocket cycle.
  4. They were not ti I think they were laced to Arayas. You know I did not know if I should post it or not on there. I thought if I did that may be one less place the theif could sell them. Thirteen years in this hobby I have always tried to give people deals help out if I could with a part and my interactions with people have been the same. Hell at the swap I was selling stuff cheap enough people could at least dbl their money if they flipped it. But like they say there is always one bad apple.
  5. Yeah Paulie I am. I posted over there the same thing I did here.
  6. Yeah. At first I thought I left them at home then someone said they remembered seeing them in one of my boxes. You know how it goes when you arrive at those things people swarm your stuff before you can even unpack.
  7. As the title says someone walked off with some wheels of mine while I was unloading at the Columbus Ohio bike swap.
  8. Yeah I don't get it. If it is a deal take it. Everyone wants a score. I have gotten a few bikes off craigslist for the asking price which was cheap after everyone low balled the guys. I picked up a mini once for about 200 with Hutch hubs and some other good parts. The guy said everyone said it was not worth what I was asking. The hubs did not have stickers on them but if you saw them you knew what they were.
  9. I sold a 90s GT that was almost complete except for the wheels. . A few guys took pics and called their buddies that look for this stuff. My favorite was a guy that saw some z rims and asked how much for those plastic rims. I said 40.00 then asked if he collected or restored. He said no I just buy parts sometimes when I see them. Then he said he needed to go get money and would be back and never came back. I assume he was thinking I would say 5.00 or something. A guy I know from the swaps showed up while I was gone and realized it was my stuff and asked my wife so where does he keep the good stuff. He came back later and I showed him around. That Aerosmith cranks is a good one.
  10. We had a garage sale this weekend. I was going to sell some Predators that I have had forever and maybe a Decoster. My buddy stopped by and said man you need to take a picture with those bikes in the background and post it on Craigslist with a vague description and see who shows up. So here is my ad https://dayton.craigslist.org/bik/5070196420.html I had a few guys show up, some I knew.
  11. I went to a show/swap this past weekend and took a couple of bikes and some stuff to sell. Someone came by my stuff and picked up a seat I had for sale and said cool this is the first generation reproduction. I said no its an ortiginal straight from a bike shop. He flipped the seat over to check the date and said oh yeah. Now you even have to be a expert on the reproductions. I even had a few guys surprised that I had an actual PK Ripper looptail.
  12. You should have repowdered it, that's what the cool kids do. You did a fantastic job on the build man. I love it. I had many offers on that frame and then fork over the years. Like Steve said when I decided I was going to sell it I knew there was only one place to list it.
  13. The new show on ABC The Goldbergs is set in the 80's the main kid looks like he is riding a Spalding sears type BMX bike. The other nights episode had the kids all on bikes a couple were bmx bikes but I couldnt make out what kind.
  14. Very cool. That was a sweet setup for a paper delivery bike.
  15. Cool shirts. I love the Ame and Wilkerson Jimmy Z shirts. The Brookville track from that S Brothers shirt is still running. I think it is the oldest continuous running track in Ohio. Its not in any shape to hold a huge national type race though.