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  1. Wow. Very very cool Brian. Even cooler that you have a supportive wife. Way to go!
  2. He's wearing chequered slipons. He must know what he is talking about.... Seriously, the decal was fine. And is normally covered by a pad anyway.
  3. The combination of greed, and egos, that have amplified in this hobby over the past few years, is really something. I’m not active anymore, and I just don’t feel it anymore. My opinion doesn’t amount to sh**, but it is sad to hear of someone, let alone a collector, passing. My condolences to those that knew him.
  4. Nice! I'm digging the Torker. Early eighties goodness cruiser style
  5. That is early eighties. No extra bracing, and the Uni decal on the side. Does it have a decal on the back? If so, I would assume it has either the Rainbow decal, or the "wavy" silver Uni decal.
  6. Absolutely stunning Brian. The JMC Darrell Young... A friend of mine has his original red one in the UK. When he was living here in NZ, I took it for a short ride. It felt like 100 miles per hour. So well balanced, and just plain quick. Probably one of, if not the, best geometry frames I have ever ridden. You're a top level builder, thats for sure.
  7. Yes, it seems like those were the bars that Rob Fehd was using around the time of the BMXA GT 24 test. When I ordered my GT 24 from a bike shop in Sydney, Australia back then, I also ordered cruiser bars, expecting those. I was surprised when the bars that turned up were the lower rise GT cruiser bars. However, those bars turned out to work the best for the 24. It would be cool if you have some there
  8. LOL, yeah, when I think back over the bikes I built. 1983 GT Expert, 1983 GT Pro, 1982 GT 24, 1981 GT 26, 1982 JMC 24, 1982 RRS 24, 1983 Patterson PR240, 1983 Kuwahara 24... A ton of dollars, especially down here, and I'm only a weenie compared to guys like you... Hey, who are you calling sissy? Oh yeah... me
  9. Thats what I originally thought, but I also thought Expert bars were narrower. I'm kind of considering getting back into the building game, for at least maybe one more bike. I've not really kept up with prices, but things seem a little nuts nowadays. Maybe I wont LOL
  10. Ok, so a while ago, I owned a mint set of GT Santa Ana bars. They were unknurled, and from what I could work out, they were from around the year 82-84. They were 28 inches wide, and about 7 inches rise. They weren't Pro bars, but I wouldn't class them as Expert bars either. Here is a picture of them. Sorry, it is the only picture I could find. I'd like to identify what model they are, and maybe locate some (I shouldn't have sold them so long ago ) Cheers, Mike
  11. I just read your post about the first Cook Brothers cruiser. I just wanted to say, that I really appreciate you taking the time to post that up, as it is fantastic read. I have always dug the 26" cruisers, (as well as the 24's) and that post is a real history lesson. It is guys like you, and your dedication that make this site the true BMX history site. Well done.
  12. The last post on this thread was just on five years ago......
  13. GT prototyped a 22. I had an email years ago from one of the GT factory riders (Craig Bark maybe?) telling me about it. He told me that a handful of the factory riders tooled around on it, and tested it on some local tracks. Unfortunately, I've lost the email
  14. And finally, after 3 1/2 years, heres the photo
  15. Factory Development with an 80's Retro Flavour?
  16. Jeff Haney is a good guy. Maybe he''' see the merit in the plate being back with the bike. Otherwise its just...a plate. That sure is a stunning bike! I remember the California Pro being featuring in the BMXA.
  17. Did you try contacting Greg Hill to shed some light on them?
  18. Wow. Just wow. That quad is stunning. Absolutely stunning. You sure have an elite collection Steve. Very very tasteful. And I really like the look of genuine, early, through bolt Bullseyes. They are great.
  19. What GT pads were in that lot? I'd be keen for a genuine set of yellow pads (ran them back in the day)
  20. I see GT pads in that photo. Original GT pads? Me = interested in original GT pads...
  21. Didn't Tom Pszenny have a cr-mo one like that?
  22. Johnny Chopper is back too. More leeching of old school designs no doubt...