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  1. I know most of the 1980 TW factory team members. But not as in contact with all of them. Here's a list I compiled of most of the factory team. There is at least one or more I'm missing.... Denny Davidow Andy Patterson Pete Loncarevich Roger Linder Korry Neal Tosh Muraviov Leslie Burley John Spillers (Washington) Anthony Perry (brother of Clarence "The EarthQuake" Perry, from Washington) I posted as much info on TW as I could quite a few years ago. Almost all the scans of the racers or the ads floating around the internet all look like ones I posted years ago. My best guess, TW Racing was together less than one full year. Around very late late 1979 or very early 1980 till around Fall of 1980. By the time of the NBA and ABA Grand Nationals (around November 1980), I don't recall seeing any TW Racing sponsored riders. Davidow moved onto Skyway, Patterson onto GT, Loncarevich onto Diamond Back, Roger Linder was on Max, Korry Neal was on Kuwahara, ect. It's a bit difficult to be more exact than that. They were always in the prototype stage cause the word was, they kept breaking. My very best guess, the stick back end is the early, original design. No idea on the head tube gusset being early or late... The other rumor was, they were struggling for enough capital to keep going. The frames were being welded together at DG/ Green Duck in Ramona Ca. TW stood for Taylor and Whimple .... James Taylor and Brian Wimple - Pete Loncarevich told me about 4 years ago he had a TW Racing frame in storage. However, I never saw it. Johnny Johnson
  2. Can we try this once again.......????? If you have a FAKE STAGED CRASH PHOTO please post it here......
  3. Hey Rick, Who was demo8don ? That pic above in turn #1 at clairemont BMX track is #414x is Insane Dwayne Williams and the guy in back is Ron Reynolds. Both fast local San Diego guys
  4. Steve, When DK stems first came out, someone from that camp must've been on a mission to get good racer to run them. A LOT of good racers ran em shortly after their release. Richard, I tried the centerline fork dropout. It was like being on a unicycle. SCARY STEEP.
  5. Funny, I didn't know this was an old topic..... Two other points.......... 1) The Diamond Back Senior Pro had a much steeper steering head angle than pretty much everyone at the time... I think it was 73% or 74% which was crazy steep. I remember people filpping over the bars coming out of the gate on ocassion when the rider would throw his weight against the bars, coming out the gate. 2) As far as the DB reps and big wigs not being around the sport much. I remember getting a handshake from not only Sandy Finkelman, but also main guys at WSI Mitchell Weiner and Mike Bobrick at the 1981 NBMXA/ Diamond Back Summer Nationals at Rancho (track) in East San Diego. So I can say, at least they were there at that race.
  6. I think..... In the early 80's, lets say from 1980-1982 (before the Turbo came out around Oct, Nov, Dec of 1982), the race products were promoted as race products in the magazines. But the economy bikes and completes were simply not that good in my opinion. The Silver Streak (released around Summer 1982) was good for the money. But still, it was a good looking economy bike, priced at under $300 if I'm not mistaken. I don't follow the collecting aspect of BMX racing much except for my friends here and what they have. So I'm saying this from a racer's point of view. --------------------------------- Has anyone done a strictly racer based build of a Diamond Back Senior Pro build like the one Rick Gaytan and I pulled together? The build we did was based off of what the actual Diamond Back U.S. Team (the factory team) used around 1980 (the inception of the team) to around Fall 1982 (when certain team members started running Turbo prototypes). Very specific parts were on the team's bikes. 1980, 1981, 1982. I know some might call it differentt cause of the Japanese co-sponsors that the team riders wore patches and stickers. But they turned their heads the other way when the team riders were winning races. This is how pretty much all the team rider's bikes were set up. (understand I'm not going by whats posted on http://dbbmx.wordpress.com I don't think I've ever met him.) DB Pro Series frame (Senior, Medium, Jr) DB single dropout fork, Most ran Pro Necks, Loncarevich ran a Torker stem DB bars, Tange MX 3 or Tange MX 5 headset, Haro numberplates, Lightning Bolt, Type 2, Series One Mostly Oakley II and Oakley .5 grips (Loncarevich ran home customized grinded down Oakley 3's for a while in 81') Johar pads Kashimax seat, SR Leprade micro adjust seatpost, Sun Tour seat post clamp Dia Compe 890's or MX 1000 brakes, either the Dia Compe long brake pads or Mathauser finned brake pads, Comp III or Comp II tires (the DB tires looked like Comp II's but were too soft and wore out too quick), In the very beginning of the team, they ran Araya 7B rims, then Araya 7C rims, then Araya 7x rims, Suzue hubs, except Leary at the beginning who ran Dura Ace road hubs with track axles, then later Leary and Loncarevich ran the first edition Son Lite hubs which were called LRP (Loncarevich Racing Products), and Eddy King who ran Phil Wood hubs for a while. Asahi spokes, aluminum nipples cause the would pop out instead of break a spoke. Almost EVERY racer on earth ran a Sun Tour rear freewheel 1/2x3/32 At first Leary ran Takagi 175mm one piece cranks. As soon as Red Line 401 Flight cranks were released, the whole team except Aaron Stevens ran them (he ran aluminum 3 piece cranks) Diamond Back/ MKS-BM10 pedals with LRP (Loncarevich Racing Products) cages or Shimano DX pedals Most ran Sedis Sport 1/2x 3/32 flat sided chains, some times Sun Tour , and were supposed to run D.I.D. Takagi spider. Leary ran a Phil Wood spider
  7. ----STOLEN BIKE ALERT in SAN DIEGO---- THIEVES crawled up to his second story balcony to STEAL my friend Chris Wright aka CrosOne's custom DYNO 24" cruiser. -Cros is the owner of Armory, a cool hip hop/ B-Boy shop in San Diego armorymassive.blogspot.com -Please message me if you see it/ find it
  8. Yes, I was at Kearny for that race. In one of the older cruiser classes, the 1st place rider Jeremy Tooker AND the second place rider Greg Webster, WERE BOTH on the very last Wheels N Things team around 1983- 1985
  9. Just..Me..Chillin', Wow, that's really cool you have the Fall 1981, First Edition, Bicycle Parts Pacific "Pro BMX Catalogue"! I've never seen that. Here's a little info.... That image on the cover of the rider is from the logo for the BMX line "Dirt Slinger" from around 1977. They had a line of BMX products including frames and what I heard was a very popular double clamp stem. I believe Dirt Slinger was owned by Bicycle Parts Pacific. They were their main, if not "only" distributor" at that time. Around Nov 1983, Bicycle Parts Pacific dispanded the OMAS Series BPP factory team and started the "new" revamped Dirt Slinger BMX team, with OMAS being a team co-sponsor. Their first appearance was at the ESPN race at the Equestrian Center in Burbank, Nov, 1983 ( Thanksgiving weekend). Here's a thread on Dirt Slinger and i believe there is some OMAS info in there too. http://bmxsociety.com/topic/22216-dirt-slinger-factory-and-factory-team/page__p__289844__hl__dirt%20slinger__fromsearch__1entry289844
  10. It took me a few years to stop calling those frames a "Gary Turner" and start calling them "GT"
  11. How did you know I was gonna pop up back on BMXSociety? LOL
  12. Those came out around 2001/ 2002. There "around" 500 made. There was an issue of the pedals in the manufacturing phase to ocassionally get a blemish. That became a prob becasue they would eventually break on the blemish. It was an issue that was difficult to figure out how to fix. So they simply stopped production. Aside from this, they make AMAZING products with superior design. I ran the stems and the pedals with ZERO problems.
  13. I think pretty much every good female BMX racer seems to have been named here.