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  1. Hay .. Ernie . WOW you sure did build it fast . That was soo hard to let go after ALL those years of hanging on the wall. One of a kind N.O.S. MINT ! Never , I repeat NEVER BUILT !! original . I told you the HISTORY behind it so you just mak sure that it is kept in memory. And if you need more info don't hesitate to call me. Erinie I'll do the best i can to try and get the Original decals for you my freind and i would like to say that the next time you come down we'll go through my archive of Redline orginal decals that i've been collecting 78' That was one Grail that I had that could not have gone to a better person of the Darkside So.cal Crew. oh ! remember i still have this ????.. ..GONZO..
  2. MY MY MY !!!!!!!..........Oh" what a turn out . What is there to say ?.... when you have sooooo many people that have such big hearts and the willingness to offer.. ALL" had put alot into making a Great Event even better. There are soo many people to thank ! Greg Hill,Liz Hill,"G" da-G-ride,'ANT'=Boricua=,Kristevin Kevin,E-role Erik & Wendy "Congrats", (Lightning)"G" George, Stev'o , Rosalia',"DJ" Johnny Johnson, Mrs. Gonzo.Kim , TOMMIE Brackens , Anthony Sewell, Dennis Dain , K-dOG (Steve Blakey)....thank you for coming/pulling through on short notice ! "Joe shlak'e'...Get Better !. hope your getting lots of rest.. Boneo and his wife & (Rocco) for driving all that way from Arizona. Francis for the morning help. Reiley and the Ump-teen amazing bikes paked into the hyndi ? Honda ?..coupe "WOW" ((((((AND THE RANGER FOR GIVING OUT TIKETS IN AN AMAZING RATE))))) Gary_"G"-display of PL-24 , squareback ,MX-II Pit. Ernie_RL20-II display Hazzard Yellow ,Chrome RL20-II winnning THE BEST FREESTYLER&SHOW !! Oc-dave tent event Pl-24 along with Joe Blizzards bad ass 'GT' cruiser.. JEff Mattox_Cruiser KIng with his many bikes on Show Brian _SODBUSTER with a disply of MOTO-X bike and show stopper bmx's Jamal Spelling_ winning Best RETRO with 26'REDLINE SquareBack Snorton - JEFF for coming out and bringing a sleww of Parts /packs /accessories /tires/ etc.... to sell off to Anyone needing it for their New and old builds. There were ALL sooo many GREAT PEOPLE at this event i and oppertunity to meet and greet,chat,talk,converse and share & devote my time with made it truly Special.. My opologies to all that were not mentioned and were deeply touched by their respect and thoughts of this event and time set forth for coming.. I hope to see((ALL)) of who attended and who were not able to attend at More "UPCOMING" EVENTS in the Near and distant Future... THANK YOU !! Bikes and the Love of BMX ..GONZO..
  3. Thank you ....Jason This just didnt happen over night . And i would like to include that I would like to thank "EVERYONE" that had to contribute to all the events over the years at the Park. When one day on a site i came acrross a guy named MUXTER he wanted to ride and ride at the beach hermosa ... we met up along with other bikers , and the went on to tell me how great it would be to do it again .? I said i knew of newly developed place to hang and BBQ , and possibly show some of what we had . Well years later here we are. I would have to say that it ALL happend because of seeing that a FAMILEY could grow together and stay together . ..BMX.. and the love of it and for it ..Gonzo.. :darkside:
  4. preferance as most conveinent as to routing and clean lines , but as far as performance "bindage" RL would make sure there was enough lube on the stem shaft and no binding... but then one time the rotor was drilled for 2 cables ... that was bad asss when he did that ..... Allso the wheels back when RL just got the RL-20II he had 36 hole araya wheels and suzue hubs but the spokes were 4 twist crowsfoot. "That was oldschool" and didnt see that since 79'....WOW that was cool . Then as i watched him get up on a trash dumpster , RL dropped a 360' off that sucker and rode away !!!.... WHEELS still true .. still remember that if it was yesterday
  5. very nice build ! time for a PL-24 anual gathering
  6. wow finally !!!....this is sweet ... back to the reallity of the earth and subject that allways grinding in ground like peg in shin or in the arm after u fall, and get up to do it all over again . The days of 6hr or more till the wee hrs of the morn, if we can go back.... what about G-turn then step up into the rear pegs at a rollo or the top frame. remember ; fire hydrant to cherry picker or fire hydrant to 360 tailwhip and wheel scuff then into nose picks or eye hops or evendive into a miami hopper. mabe even tickers ??? on the front pegs many variations and lot of tricks to remember ......we need to get a flatland sesion going ?...
  7. I remember the same looking RL-20II in freestylin magazine . i forgot who's that was ?... buT ANY HOW that RL20-II and all the others are bad assssssss !!!!!! ..... excellent job
  8. what type of bike is that ?.. The one who was riding wit you guys at fullerton wit da etikut shirt ??..........
  9. murry was getting that look back action happening !!!!.... sweet " i havent seen that in while Old school style fo sho
  10. Modified 85' profile prostyler, 87,88,RLosborne Pro, 86 fredblood Pro, all still in my stable and riders every once in a while but I wish i had more flatlanders around to get me out more to ride ??.... ANY OUT THERE ??
  11. oh ya !!.. it was awwsome to see in action ....bmx action that is . that b roll or reverse truck driver scuff bla bla bla was hard to do .. i always had to whiplash it and pump up the front end while tapping on the rear brk alittle and get the head tube undr my pit while holding the bars , then let go "GOD's" style whip it back straight and ride out of it .... many hours to practice did it on my Red Osbourne Pro that i still ride once in while . Caint do that trick again .
  12. had to post this Rl doing some sort of a front wheel balance and DUke on the mike
  13. How many of you R still doing them ? What was your favorite you would pull evry time ?
  14. nice work alvin, it turned out looking good . i like the haro plate.