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  1. 1975 Mongoose... That's sick. Love the og finish on that frame. I wish that finish was O.G. I am proud to say that it was professionally color matched and painted by our own Ben Tisdale. Who is currently working on another project for me! Can't wait for my 76 to come home!
  2. Must have been the wheels mounted on this early BMX bike... Richard Vogt bmxmountainbiker
  3. Must have been the wheels mounted on this early BMX bike... Richard Vogt bmxmountainbiker
  4. Great info. So the Chatsworth ones were the last ones run or "3rd gen?"
  5. Your killin me Jay... just killin me. I don't get this out very often but... :Special Salute:
  6. We have alot of swap meets on the grounds where I work. Last couple of years I've got to know this old codger that swaps old motorcycle parts. I've told him about my BMX collecting and every once in awhile he finds me a little something,never anything good but I always throw him a few bucks for his effort and plus he's one of those old guys that tells great stories from back in the day and he's just all around a really cool old dude. So today we had a little car show in my town and I see a few trailers parked behind the tractors and one of them is his. I track him down because I want my 4 year old son to meet this guy and he says" hey I found some old rims in a storage area under a bed in an old Winnabago I'm scrapping out!" He says there probably junk becuase they're heavy as all hell and the casting is crap and you can't read the letters in the metal... I'm thinking hmmmmmmmmmmm Motomag 1's!!! So as we're walking to his trailer he says they say Moomags on them and or mormags he can't read it, so now my heart is about banging out of my chest. Sure enough we get there and here sits a very clean set of Motomag 1's!!! He shoots me a price which I doubled ,so at least I filled his van up with gas. He wouldn't take any more, old codger probably has a million in the bank! Sorry to babble on,it was just one of those really cool experiences with a guy thats been around the country and seen a little bit of everything. Anyway the rims are very unique from any MM1's I have ever seen. I'm not an expert but the Simis I've had are first generation and the molds they used at first were obviously better so the letters are easy to read. They also said pat pend on them and had no numbers and they were stamped Simi Calif. The Chatsworth MM1's were second gen and the molds must have been wore out becuase the letters are hard to read and the casting is poor. They also had a serial number on them and the a and the g in motomag were crooked at the end. They were stamped Chatsworth Calif. The MM1's I got today are Chatsworth 2nd gen, or so I thought. When I got them home I noticed the letters were extremely hard to read, they have a crooked a and g at the end of Motomag and they have a serial number... buttttt they are stamped SIMI CALIF! Either way I'm glad to have them. If anybody out there can explain this mystery I'm all ears!
  7. Very cool. Love the stickers on the fork, most people rip them off!
  8. Your kidding right? This is required reading around here. You best get busy! The Mel thread. thanks brian, i cant beleive matt has been here this long and dosent know who mel is... I know who he is now. Very cool info. Theres so much info on here it's hard to catch it all. Thanks for the help.
  9. Your kidding right? This is required reading around here. You best get busy! The Mel thread. Thanks for the info!
  10. Same thing with my O.G. 76 miniGoose. Orange first.
  11. Thanks guys. You have put my mind to rest! Who's Mel?
  12. Can't figure this one out. I have pics of o.g. frames some have the red first some have the orange first. Look at the 75 catalogue on vintage the second page where they show the two small frames, it clearly looks like the orange is first. Look at bob adorni's stock 75 on the museum, orange first. Maybe it doesn't matter, but I do orange first and it's driving me nuts!!! Pete has an old pic of his 76 he's riding as a kid and that looks like orange first. This is supposed to be an o.g. paint and sticker frame. ? Red or orange, orange or red...