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  1. Obscure BMX PRODUCT frame for certain! Something that I would not say no to!
  2. Kool SE gear Steve! Sorry about your uncle, may he R.I.P.
  3. Sad news.. Condolences to Chris's family. May he R.I.P.
  4. Thanks for bringing the thread back to life Brad S, & thanks to Reilly for the pic! That definitely answers my original question.
  5. That is a beast of a score! Need to have one of those in my collection one day, God willing! Excellent score!
  6. Don't like hearing this news about anyone! Condolences to Ben's family and friends.
  7. That is 1 fantastic score! Beautiful in its original blue! Texas, I'd say you're correct on the first Kuwa frame being made, not actually being called KE-1. Somehow, that's what's been going around, so that's what they're called now. Here's my "KE-1"/Kuwahara
  8. What a beautiful bike! I would love to have this, with the rest of my DB collection! Well done!
  9. That is an awesome survivor! I wouldn't say no to that, just the way it is!
  10. What an awesome super rare freestyler! Well done!