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  1. Roc

    Boss Cruiser Bars

    if the early bars aren't gone, I'll pay the asking price!! LMK?
  2. Kind of curious what his involvement was when the 26" era began?
  3. I've done a pretty good job of selling most of my loose frames, forks and other items over the last few years. Mostly down to completes.I need to thin those out too, but just need to find the time to be home to do it!! Even if the bubble bursts on this hobby and others; there's a good chance of a larger economic crash on the horizon that will hurt. Just hope my Dollar is worth something when and if it does happen!!?
  4. Ahhh...... The treasures of my hording finding good homes. Glad it ended up on that frame.
  5. Got the stem today, Christian. Thanks for the shipping. Hope you can get your dough for the G-Boy, from the Clown?
  6. Looks good, Willy. Nice save on the og fnish!! Welcome to Club-G
  7. Happy B-Day, Brett. I got your message. I'll send you a note tomorrow.
  8. Rick, Look me up when you're in the Tacoma area...
  9. All really great info!! I grew up in Hayward and visited that shop a few times when it was open. There was a TT style race track not too far away that had night racing. Ahhh... the good ol' days. Love to get my hands on one of those half finished Lawill frames!!
  10. Yet another G-Boy surfaces. Looks good, Derek!! Add it to the History of G-Boy thread.