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  1. Hand made in the US by John Severin and #025 of 250. Designed and tested by Eddie Fiola and hand made by a master. Powder coated by Olympic in Santa Ana, CA. I tried to build this with as much USA made parts as I could and wanted to build it light. Since the first frames released came in Eddie's signature "Flyin' Banana" Yellow, I went with the old Yellow, White, and Blue color scheme. Similar to the 85 World Tour that came with white Tuff Wheels. I had to decide on whether to build new school or old school since this bike was made for both. I went with the New since it was my first New School build and I wanted working brakes and light weight. The 34R products, although not American made(Czech) were all top quality. I decided on them when I saw the dual cable, short throw, levers. The dual cable levers gave me the idea to run two cables on the front break. You may notice the custom headset cap drilled for dual cables(Thanks Eddie) allowing them to pass through the headtube like a Pott's Mod. The rear brakes are dual cables from the lever to the break, utilizing a smooth 34R Roto(gyro). Custom painted London Mods and Gyro Tabs with offset color barrel adjusters. Custom Lizard Skins engraved ODI lockring grips. Engraved with "Fiola" and "Proformer" Fiola Proformer stickers fully customized with a lot of cut and paste. The Profile Mini's are laced with Titanium rainbow colored spokes to Sun Envy rims on Fit FAF 2.1 tires. Titanium 9T driver and axle/bolts used when available. Profile 22mm Column cranks powdered white and attached to a 25T Profile galaxy sprocket. The pegs when installed are custom cut Tree Trick Sticks
  2. My HVAC contractor has a buddy who believes he has a Gary Turner. He has contacted me, but haven't seen pics yet. It would help to know what sets it apart as a Gary Turner...perhaps small diameter downtube matched to a certain TT length? Pretty sure he's just looking to ID it, then sell it. I have no interest in it myself. I'm interested if you have any more info on the turner
  3. I'd have to agree with the Gary Turner wish. Looking for '81 GT forks for about 6 months. I lucked out this year and scored a NOS '81 GT 26" frame from off the wall at GTs chrome shop. Just need some forks to finish the ride. Nice set of Ame Unitrons are always on my list.
  4. Hey guys, I heard the ride was at 7:30? 6 sounds much better to me. or a Sunday ride, just my two cents.
  5. That made me laugh so loud my gf was like wtf. Never thought of that one before, a ghost ride to the nuts..good one.
  6. This frame has been hanging on the wall for thirty years and it's time to build it and ride it!