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  1. I am very sorry for the loss of your BMX father. Beautiful build! God Speed.......
  2. This stem is on a 24 Bandito that I sold to Afalcs long ago.
  3. The frame design is so damn cool! The seat stays diameter is smaller than the chain stays, the seat stays bend down to the top of the rear dropouts. The welds are phenominal! The chrome plating is show plating, definite triple dip process. The rear dropouts are wild!The serial # is PDG JL 76 021 im going to get a magnify glass to see it better.
  4. Hey Sod! That Black Diamond is epic!! Im happier than a pig in shit right now. This is mainly the only DG I have been looking for, and to find an early 76 possibly team issue is insane. The rear dropouts are just like Bottema's. It has an american BB which would make it a Racer 2. This is most likely the first design. I wanted to share some 70s with you guys to enjoy on a Friday night! Ill have this fixed and built this weekend and riding it at the Veterans Swap in LB this Sunday.
  5. Heres a neat piece I would like to share with you. Found this over at the museum a couple of weeks ago. It had later style plates brazed/welded to it and then it was replated. The chrome plating is like show chrome. All parts besides the wheels are dated 1976. Nice Rascal bars, steelpan Troxel seat, Redline forks, KKT pedals, 3 Arrows sprocket. The number one indicator that made me buy this frame was the early DG decals and tedious welds. The bike was posted in the "name It" thread and was quickly shot down as a fake and copy DG. Well her it is at home and getting the secret revealed.
  6. Those are Technique hubs. I had some on my Titanium Terrier. Killer set-up!
  7. Congratulations Rick!!! You are a huge inspiration to me!! Keep on keepin on! That bike is state of the art full race machine with all the goodies! The most important piece to keep air in the tires is a nice touch!!