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  1. I don't know... Haney is such a great guy and a purest I wouldn't be surprised if the plate he has belongs to this bike he wouldn't be against reuniting them. At a cost. Can't hurt to ask and indeed he is an awesome guy.
  2. Not entering a bike this year but Im just as excited. Cant wait to see what pops up this year!
  3. Good job of the Torker pick Brothers. Again... great meeting you!
  4. To be quite honest it was worth the 6 hour drive just to see that girl in the Torker shirt! Awesome event and it was great seeing all the fellas and finally getting to speak to Mr. Brothers. He put in an insane amount of work to get this going for all of us. Out of respect we all need to contact him and ask how we can pitch in down the road. He really came off as a great and totally sincere guy that I hope to stay friends with for many years. Thanks for noticing me and taking the time to talk for a few during such a busy day for you. MUCH RESPECT Steve! Only disappointing part was Marcos not doing anything controversial this year. Sooo misunderstood. Soooo freaking cool.
  5. I've spoken to a friend of Mike Poulson and his and Donny Athertons white Stings werent special orders... they were spray painted. As for the greens I think there were no green Stings, just green sx2000s custom ordered by Ahearns bike shop. Schwinn did offer "Emerald Green" in 1980 on some bikes so the paint was available.
  6. You should send a PM to Evan Atherton. Maybe he could pick his Dads brain for you.
  7. Uuuugh. I dont know whats wrong with me and posting pics. They were up..... now they are gone? Me and Haney and his NOS red Sting.
  8. Sorry these pictures are all so small but Ill get that figured out for you guys. Before we get into the "science" of Stings I think I at least owe some pictures to hold you guys on until I get breaking down nuances and differences. Mini Sting. Even though these are the mini versions, they still use 20 inch wheels (not 16). THe rest of the mini Stings used the same part list as Sting COmps, not Stings. THey are also NOT triOval. Next up is a Sting with some different parts. Notice the tires. Stings came with NTKK Motocross tires front and rear then switched over to Schwinn Maximizer tires. The Sting Comps and mini Stings ran Schwinn Scrambler fronts and NTKK motocross rears. THey too later switched over to colored Maximizers. Being that NTKKs are almost impossible to find the majority of Sting collectors did Schwinn Scrambler fronts and they really cool Schwinn 50X500 Scrambler Competition "tractor" tires. Tractor is just a nick name that confuses people because Schwinn made non BMX tires called "Tractos" but everyone started calling the 50X500 Scrambler Competition tires "Tractors" because the tread looks like a tractor tire. A tad confusing! This Sting is dressed up with my single favorite old school part, SHIMANO DX CRANKS. Got to love DX cranks!
  9. Now here is my NOS Sting COMPETITION found the same way as Haneys in the original box with many parts still sealed in factory bags.
  10. Here is a very special bike. Its the only NOS in the original box I know of. Its owned by one of the more well known Sting collectors Jeff Haney. He swears by the Cardinal Reds. FYI Im the one on the right.
  11. Spur, I found a completely NOS yellow Sting frame. I think its the only one to show up on any of the major BMX websites. If you look at the first post in this thread I attached a pic of a sales letter from Schwinn to its dealers. Its from May of 79 and says Stings will be available in Chrome, Sky Blue, Cardinal Red, Sable black and Golden Yellow. I know of a major anonymous Sting collector in Florida that has every year and every color combo Schwinn offered. His collection was so incredible I flew out there and quasi-donated the yellow frame to him. He built it up with blue parts and Gen1 Skyway graphites. If you'd like to see a pic of it go to the other BMX website and search my screen name and click "my bikes". I did it in chrome and gold. He has an 82 Sting frame which is as rare as the golden yellow Stings. People often mistake the 83 Predator Stings for 82s. In all my years Ive only seen one 82 Sting and the frame alone went for north of $1,000.
  12. Im really so sorry I haven't invested the time I should in this thread. I promise to one day get this thread really moving. 7 weeks to summer break (Im a teacher) and Ill have plenty of time to really put together a great Sting thread. Hang in there Steve... Im a man of my word!
  13. Guys, I'm getting close to making this a legit thread. Please hang in there. As for the mythical green Sting I'll tell you what I know. For one, in 1980 Schwinn offered emerald green as a color. The AHearns bicycle shop was rumored to have a race team that raced green Stings. Luckily, I landed a Schwinn catalog that AHearns owned. Hand written in the catalog was an order number for SX2000s in green. Pics will come but I've yet to see a pic of an original green SX2000. I'm thinking it was a custom order for AHearns only.