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  1. drop outs and frame gussets look like A&A. great find!
  2. wow, that's a cool ass frame. all the little details really stand out with the orange paint. good spotting!
  3. Wow, such a great find. The condition of this bike is incredible. Glad you got it. Congrats!
  4. Congrats to each class winner! Thanks to all who were able to share their bikes this year!
  5. I found this 20 x 2.125 Carlisle MX-200 recently, with reflector stripe.
  6. If anyone happens to have an orphan Preston Petty grip, let me know. Thanks!
  7. 1976 Dan Gurney pit bike - original nickel finish and decals. This F/F was found in a metal scrapyard in 2009. Top tube is approx. 16.5".
  8. 1975 Gobby MX survivor. When I purchased this bike, the seller's description read, "...all original, including the inner tubes - nothing had been changed. It was purchased, then put away...never really ridden. Reflector fell off, rides smooth, 19.5" top tube...". I included a pic of an original ad from one of my magazines.
  9. Mossberg MX bicycles were manufactured from '73 - '76. This one was found complete a few years ago in FL. Original black finish and decals. It has a truss rod fork with Mossberg's signature steel "M" welded on the front. Another interesting feature that Mossberg provided to prevent loss/theft was their Bicycle I.D. System. My understanding is that you'd have to mail a card to Mossberg, then they'd send you a personally monogrammed I.D. plate to mount on to the downtube. Initially, the bike was found with a 10-speed saddle which I replaced with a nice deep tufted MX seat and black sissy bar. The 2.125" Carlisle MX-200 tires and WIN double clamp stem are original to the bike. The original bike shop sticker is still there, but with a small piece of the sticker torn off. I did a quick search and found that this bike originally came from "Star Bike Shop", established in 1972 and is still in business today in Savannah, GA.
  10. lots of great bikes this year. congratulations! and thanks! to all who participated.