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  1. RIP Scott you will be missed.

  2. I could use teh forks off of teh bent Diamond back if you are selling them
  3. Here in Appleton Wisconsin we did not have alot of teh bikes you guys had on teh west coast did. What was typical were: Redline (Very popular) Mongoose (Probably most seen ) Schwinn (What everyone who couldnt afford a Mongoose had) Cook Brothers (A few) Race Inc. (Very few) GT (Even fewer) Most of our parents mine included couldnt see paying that much for a bike. I remeber getting into a huge argument with my dad when I was in the 9th grade because I bought a set of 250.00 campy pedals for my road bike. He nearly had a cornanary, said his Schwinn was 1/2 of that and worth 2X as much LOL
  4. I third that. The guys were here to give encouraging words through my custody battle, the back surgery(s), neck fusion and knee replacement and allways made me feel soemwhat better knowing there was kind peopel giving up thoughts and positive energy my way. I love this place too.
  5. I like to add stuff that is unquie and not to common. I f I see something that I think is not ion there I check first so as not to duplicate. I think the data base is awsome. I have probably posted more in there than anywhere
  6. George that is sweet! I am loving the color combo
  7. Now I want to get going building the rims for mine and switching some parts. Calvin hooked me up a couple months ago with mine. Mine is a 1983 but it has a round down tube and no box behind the bb
  8. Sorry for your loss. Nice parts to help keep your mind of of it for the time being
  9. Gongratulations! That is an awsome story and although we have never met from what I have seen of you on here a great score for a nice guy. This is what makes this hobby great. When you can find and rebuild your childhood bike. When I got my R10 Rampar from Jim (Hutchehaven) I was soo stoked. It may not be much to some, but it was abike that made up my childhood. A freind had one and let me ride it alot. The angles were so sweet Craig could ride wheelies forever on that bike. I had wanted one sicne 1980, and now thanks to Ji as of last year I have a sweet one. I love this hobby and this site. Thanks Mr Brothers for giving us this gathering place.
  10. You have to love the artistry in a JMC, almost makes you want to hang it on the wall. Nice color combo
  11. I agree leave and build it as a survivor. I have a Cycle Pro Bonzai 24 now and I had a Cycle Pro Macho a couple years ago. Here are some pics
  12. They are cool bikes. I have a CPX but not sure which model. Here is a pic
  13. I had teh machine too, and I had a manipulation surgery about 2 months ago. I was sick for 6 weeks and let my exercises go because i felt like crap, now its like starting over
  14. Yup made in USA frame. My buddy sold it to me for a song to help me rehab so I could start riding with teh lub again. Rides nice, but I find myself riding my 26" S&S more often, looks cooler too
  15. I started these before I got sick a month and a half ago and with my sons help finished them over the weekend. First is a Cycle Pro Bonzai 24 I. My youngest son has claimed this one for him self. 2nd is a Huffy Pro Thunder max there answer to the Moosegoose. I got it in original form and changed some parts so I could ride it (Hopefully will be able to soon if my new knee cooperates) and kept all of the OE parts in a bin. Last I know its not BMX but it is my main rider until my knee is total rehabbed a 2008 Cannondale C400 I got as a NOS F&F from a buddy who owns a bike shop. being sick for 6 weeks has really limited my knee bending back to 90 degrees from the 120 I was at, so I have some work to do but I want to be able to ride a 20" by Rockford time