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  1. this is a olmo monoshock bike from 1972 no other bike has a fork like this one. it has 4 ply tires and heavy guage spoke rims six volt headlight. any thoughts maybe a prototype
  2. This is a olmo monoshock bike from early 1970 no other bike has this type of fork it has 4 ply tires heavy gauge spoked rims six volt headlight what do you think.offer
  3. I knew sandy for many years he was a hell of guy if you ever needed info on BMX stuff he knew it . bmxrs keep on ridin Willie McCoy
  4. I knew sandy for a long time he was mr bmx to me and a hell of a guy I still think about him all the time
  5. I have this bike it is called an OLMO. It has a mono shock style frame and a weird front shock fork. Please Help I need to know if anyone can give me any information on my bike Any and all help with this matter would be appreciated. I can aslo be reached at my email offthecartwatches@yahoo.com Thanks popawheely
  6. Email me Make me an offer, I am the owner. It is pretty cool!!!! Email me at the address above. Look forward to it.. Thanks