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  1. Freakin cool bike. Always wanted my cousins Elite. Speedo forks were very common on those up here (The few I ever saw LOL) knowing you there is a set in your collection somewhere
  2. Very cool OS goodness! Brings back memories. Great choice for a fork.
  3. $65ish ups with insurance. It will be an oversize package. If the guy was dumb and was gonna have a bike shop or box store do it all for him it probably would be $200 Tell him to grow a set do a partial tear down and get to work lol
  4. I totally missed this thread first time around. I sold mine and recently lost most of my pics due to hard drive crash (back up your shit!) but that chrome Champion twin downtube is bitchin. I'd love to see some more of that! I know this is an older thread but Steve did you put that Elina super pro on your OM that would set it off.
  5. SICK bike! definitely one of if not the coolest midschool bikes ever imo and that includes 20" stuff. Nice build! Cool song I remember when it actually got a lot of air time here in Sacramento. Killing Time off the next record was actually damn good also.
  6. Both of mine were not stamped. I know some of the later ones like in the catalog had the cool stamp on the dropout. Cool freakin frame either way though!
  7. One more reason why I dumped all my Skyway stuff. Money hungry fucks! They'll be sitting on some wheels at that price.
  8. Just put a new Izumi chain chrome or regular they haven't really changed and they come now with the removable link/clip you take of with a needle nose or whatever you have handy. Just using some chrome polish on it will keep it sealed you can always re-apply some later. If there are some bad pitted spots on it you can even put polish on and let it sit wet for a couple hours and it usually takes out the rust down inside the pits then polish it off. Don't sand anything or use any steel wool.
  9. Damn near looks like something White Industries would have machined up. Kind of cool for a retro bike.
  10. Like Dirty stated. You would be suprised how good it looks afterwards. Give it a good polish afterwards. I have refinished a couple Chrome frames that I still have major remorse about. Not at first but a couple years later. You don't get to "take back" a refinish. Worn stuff is way cooler!
  11. My favorite Kastan. One of the ones I wish I never sold. That was the transition year. Headset should be one inch threaded on top and and 1 1/8" on bottom. Really cool setup. It even looks like the correct decals. The one I owned had the next style (slanted) downtube decal but all the other small ones were the same. They are nice and long is whats cool about them and you'll never hurt those dropouts. Lynn had that design perfect by then. Nice p/u
  12. I raced SS Mtb's in SS and against geared guys in expert XC classes for more seasons than I care to count and it was always clipped in. Wouldn't even be possible to be competitive at least in that form of racing or riding. Really the only way to go in Mtb in general. I actually had to re-learn how to enjoy flats on my BMX stuff LOL. When I first got into collecting I just about killed myself first hill I had to climb on a bmx ride. Made me wonder how I ever climbed one before. I love'em now. Definitely nice being comfortable on both types. If I ever tried bmx racing again it would probably be clipped in but a good set of OS Hutch pedals would kick ass to I think.