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  1. if you are sick of words .then i can show you my lists of empty promises..names ,sites,home towns ...etc.ettc... show me gold blinged up bikes thousands blown in suginos carved by virgins on a island ..or a rusty bucket ....
  2. if you dont like the post go read about gobblins or football .i am talking as the site says bmx .....by the way does the gobblin site have goose necks or ramp pics.
  3. so you are saying that if i were to turn you bikes over ..look up the factory spec sheet ,the builders guide ,metal fabrication sheet...your bike would not be any differnt...that means no up sizing nor even in tires . therefore a plai ride bought a plain ride got.. mr vogt you still wish to hack are you a lumber jack or a bmxer .can i go as low in imput in your next forums post and sing at your lovely drawings.huh.
  4. just chewing the fat,talking more about bmxs hurt your head ....should i return to ghosts and gobblins,and other shit.
  5. heres one to chew on ...........gold low riders with twisted parts huh .....i can swing back too...
  6. you see i am more a one eyed pirate .i wish to build true ,but under which guide lines which aurthority...bikes were used .therefore items were thrown out and in without a care .so pure bikes are ghosts ..then came tuff,skyways,diacomp.etc. everybody is lead to believe those mongoose clamps are terrible tuff clamps are the go and so forth. did you also know as we rode them in their days the lengends were just heavy at over 14 kg ..everthing was removed .some even rode shirtless..so my question again do you want bling or rust .i have both ..my best stable ride looks like crap but it put a smile riding its 44ct .solid cranks over a 16 dicta.
  7. my friend has asked this ...he has a motomag bike .the numbers are in front of me now.they read CLO-371961... IS THERE A PERSON that can identify its factory truthful build .the frame only is rust and nickle .his question is the real build sheet for this bike right down to tire pressure ...and will he be barred if not true and returning the frame to its remains owners ...
  8. well heres the question to again slowly mr army .do you like bikes in a original factory barn find state or a bike over the top with excess....
  9. plz show me the rust .bent forks or smashed haros ....and you get my jts and scots . i will be back my turn to ramp ride good day..gents.......
  10. your talking to a bad man please retrain yourself ...i am treatting everybody here as a gent.........knocking me does not make you a better man..have your say on the subject or zip it ..plz. mr spur plz restain your wolves on this subject as a talk piece.
  11. i openly reached out with homeless under my roof .and given beds to people who have nothing .they dont swing .money and bikes mean diddly if your not a gentleman. i would trade blood to even have my old slaped up ride a 1981 supergoose..would you.
  12. if you know my wallet you would know my ramps ..i am as all just a big kid ..if you wish a swing then you are no gentleman..if you want a smoke i will offer,this is a talk piece help or zip it .pink bikes are not my liking but hey each to their own. as i said football and high fives .well it is a bmx site so talk no bull and say bmx .
  13. if your truthfull and stand tall i shall shake your hand ..i ask only for a gentleman ,in help yet not seen one...i have said my truths ..if your in need i would assit even whilst being mocked ..pink bikes were not liked then and forwned upon in a straight world but hey .look at them now.chain gards were trash .now worth gold ..so come in have your say gloves off i am truthfully over the polish ..show me dust and rust..
  14. as i said my boys are ramping and i am waiting my turn chewing gum...i ride daily.....i collect bmxs ,,,i talk bikes ......thats it.
  15. have your say not your knock....do you like rusty bikes of old or superfical bikes ..just yes or no....nonsense is talking about everything else but the bmx ..dont you think. yes or no. i am plainly over as my crews of everything but bmx talk.