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  1. cw

    Kastan KEX 24

    looks like the genesis of a perfect build!
  2. aaah yes.. they aren't jives! I guess I really wanted them to be.. controltech built redline pro alloy frames in 94, so I wouldn't doubt they were producing for others a few years before that. someone in the know could confirm
  3. I had one of these, damn near twisted the rear end off any s&m fan is envious of this bike unstamped profiles are so overlooked when building era correct pmc is my all time favorite clamp jp = lighter than crupi I have some black 143mm longnecks for ya.... PM me
  4. word on these was the front ends were so stiff, the rear flexed an awful lot. composites don't show up very often and this is a really beautiful example. haro bars, cranks, factory spc and tange switchblades are spot on. crupi hubs, peregrine sealed pedals, holeshot / goosebump tires, color matched jives, dirt research seat, of course pitbulls (is that a dk under the stem pad?)... I dig everything about it looking at the controltech post raised a question... Controltech build redline alloy frames and even their own bmx frame. Does anyone know if they built the front tris for the haro composite??
  5. Man, these rides are smokin! The continuity of Profile crank arm decals and TNT f/f decals is so sweet! Speedtraps & Pro neck sprocket = extremely sano! ATT I ordered one of these SX cruiser frames as soon as they offered the canti mounts. What I received was 'pre engineered' as the mounts were welded parallel to the stay, not having the correct pull angle and the canti arms hitting the upper struts .. This makes me always check out the brakes when I see one of these and I am digging the Onza arms and chill pill. JP bits are great on there as well.. is that a PMC sprocket under the Strongarms?? Turbos are also excellent choices and set BOTH off perfectly.
  6. damn thats beautiful! how long is the top tube?
  7. for sure.. rods and dope beach cruiser fab
  8. nice thread. i remember this push for a market. my reaction to these ads like most others was that it might be cool to have a zippy little street bike, but in no way could rival the bmx bike you wanted or already had. i'm from the east coast, so when i saw the features in the mags on downhill/gravity racing bitd, it seemed pretty rad. of course fairing = aero = speed, but when fairings were in their infancy is when i thought this sport was most interesting. the plus! feature was the story i remember most. they showed several variations including running motomags/other heavy mags and barbells through the bb shell for momentum. Also, flipping the frame over to create a very lax steering angle along w mounting a screen door dampner for steering control at speed. crazy shit!
  9. lol 26" alliant forks they were supposed to make these, but the word is alliant was in the process of folding before they were turned out. somehow i think there is a couple somewhere... i know i wouldnt be surprised although i-ve never seen one anywhere.
  10. those FA decals, tigertooth and the hutch 2 n 1.... nice haul!
  11. This struck a chord w me. Aesthetical and technical. When u look at a BMX bike it's purpose is pretty obvious... you are either drawn to it or you arent. I mean, look at bikes today... they can be the tried & true cro mo ddht, or use cutting edge aerospace technology. But when you get down to it, its still just a bicycle. That idea, to keep developing on a couple centuries old concept,(and for racing purposes yet)is something i will never be able to get over. And as far as the independence aspect, well sure.. The automobile is a special thing, it not only has allowed us independent travel, but become a part of our identities and lifestyles. The BMX bike is quite the same, for the BMX minded, young or old. Such a huge part of our early lives, it can never be forgotten.
  12. beautiful saw this from the other post, really love the small bits of ano next to the blue frame
  13. looks just right i have a few of these. some find em bulky, but i think selle turbos are sturdy, comfy and look business