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  1. does anybody know if this was a ashtabula only chainwheel protector or was it used on other bikes.i am building a 77 ashtabula and would like to complete the build.
  2. my 2 entries in the The 4th Annual Chicagoland Old School Shootout my 1975 webco replica and my 1977 LRV moxie.
  3. cool thanks. so no way telling if it can be a 75 or 76. i hear the serial numbers don't mean a thing, my webco has w16456 and some ones name scribe on it kevin shotan.
  4. anybody know when webco stop having undrilled break bridge on the replica.
  5. so when did the double clamp stem pop up in bmx what was the first and year it came out.
  6. tuff neck sugino maxy's flights araya's
  7. well when i was a kid i had only one bike at a time and every kid upgraded there bike's, because things broke or wore out.and I used what ever i could get a hold of.so if your going to be a purist go for what ever came on the bike.if you are going to build what a kid would be build back then put what ever you want on it.
  8. i know a guy in milwaukee who say's he is a collector.but every single bike he gets,he chops it up and sell and i mean clean bikes.he just got a 82 harry larry turbo with all og parts bike looks almost new, even the original purchase slip and owners manual.and what did he do chopped it up.its just sad.
  9. does anybody know if the yamaha moto bike og colors came only in yellow and orange.
  10. yeay i saw that it says only a few that are known thats why im trying to find out more info