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  1. Turned out sweet. The blue bars looked good on it. Any ideas what they were?
  2. Sorry just seen your other post with BB installed. also if there are no marks on inside of drop out it may have never had a rear wheel installed.
  3. Hard to say for sure but if chain tensioners were used it wouldn't leave nut or washer marks. Any marks in the bottom bracket or head tubes? If it had headset or BB installed I would lean towards used at some point. If no marks on all 3 maybe never used.
  4. FYI its an 85 Cali. Full chromo frame by the sticker at the tt/headset. Solid Pro Class spider. 84 was part hi-tensil (main tubes chromo sticker) and had the "5 star" spider known for bending. Some 84's even came with steel pro class rims. Yours should be alloy.
  5. WOW. I drooled a lil. Are those Morris Mags? Parts breakdown would be nice..
  6. No problem. I could use a matched set of 20" 28 hole for a non-bmx build just to keep it era correct and match the sturmey archer 28h hubs. singles are good for someone looking to replace but not highly desirable. Most switched to Mavic or something better for about the same price BITD..
  7. Rigida was an OEM rim supplier since the early 60's. Mostly road bike rims. Moved to China and now known as Ryde. If those are 20" - 28 hole mostlikey mid to late 70's. 36 hole would be early 80's. Found on some of the lower end department store type bikes but also supplied Peugeot and Schwinn in the 60's and 70's.
  8. HMM a cruiser. Even harder to find. Didn't know from your original post. Those 24" ProForx are nice too. Looks like a DK stem..
  9. IMHO if it's your grail and worth it to you get it redone in white paint. not powder, no new chrome. Find a quality classic car restorer who can do it right, close enough to an 80's paint job. If the OG finish is already gone no harm. no foul. Someone has to keep it alive and from rusting away, Rebels are hard to come by. The Flights not so much. Up to you though and what will make you happy. Pics would be nice Oh and if you ever resell it full disclosure ..
  10. all i see is 1/8 bead welds around the steer tube that look like any other from a mid 90's mongoose. would really like to see the" fantastic work".
  11. Never heard of any fake pitchforks but that brake hole is suspicious. looks backyard style. pics / thickness in inches of the dropouts and the leg diameter might help determine if they are real or not.
  12. Nice DB's. Reminded me of this survivor 84 viper I found a few years ago. Not to thread jack and hope you dont mind..
  13. yeah 5+ years ago quite a few NOS in the box appeared. a few pink ones too. thought this may be one of them because it's too clean. still has the plastic over the cw tire labels. doubt those would last 30 years to the elements. lol. anyway not something I would call "survivor" but no idea on the history of it.