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  1. That's very likely, if there are any good pictures of the factory Panther stickers I should be able to recreate them. Photobucket isn't helping the search. If anyone has even some good pics that would be appreciated.
  2. I've got a Panther, working on a slow restoration. Had one back in 1980. Hardest thing to find is original decals for a Panther, or even a clear enough pic to attempt to recreate. Seems like all the Panthers got re-stickered in the last 40 yrs to stormers or redlines at some point in their life. Anyone happen to have any original Panther decals or able to get any clear pics of ? I did come across the main downtube sticker but no others to date.
  3. Hi, I was looking to see if anyone has recreated any Panther stickers for the chrome frame? I'm looking for a set and I'll I've seen that's not an 8yr old post are for Stormers. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Jim