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  1. Repo Gary Littlejohn 26" girder fork by Johnny True Torch
  2. Very nice. I have never seen that stitched seat before. Great score.
  3. Great pick up. And also very good info in this thread. I will be building up a S&S at some point.
  4. Looks great with those forks! But that bike would look way better in the Central Coast.......
  5. Bike came out great! I am surprised you were able to get back to the original paint as I had saw this in person. And I am still kicking myself that I did not buy this instead of the DG......
  6. Great shape! Looking forward to seeing it built. I would like one of those someday.
  7. Very cool build! I never even noticed that one. Guess I was too distracted by the pile of G-Boy's.................