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  1. Thanks. Here's some pics of them. Somewhere I have a shot of them all lined up.
  2. Thanks guys! Just don't tell Mark Rink that those forks look VDC made, LOL.
  3. I'm a relative new comer to the hobby compared to most of the members here. I dusted off my childhood bikes back in 2010 to go riding with my daughter. Over the past 6 years, I've owned well over 100 bikes, ranging from a 78' Schwinn Mag Scrambler to a few new school cookie cutter bikes. As with most of you, there was a natural progression in my collecting. I stopped buying everything I came across, sold off my early race bikes, mid school tanks and new school bikes. I started concentrating on pre-88 freestylers, the rarer the better. I put a pretty nice collection together with multiple RL20-ii's, Trickstars, Masters and GT PFT's. That wasn't enough so I added in a Quad Freestyle, a couple of Skyway freestylers, Generals and Decades. I finally landed a rare Futura Freestyler luggage rack, then two more. Over 24 completes but still not satisfied. It was still crap to me. I was at a BBQ scrolling thru facebook and came across a GHP Trix frameset and immediately made the owner an offer he couldn't refuse. Then I ended up with a rare Vector Freeplay, Torker Freestylist, 2nd gen Vector Unlimited and a few others. I still wasn't satisfied. It was nice crap but still crap. The GHP was an awesome bike but I just wasn't feeling it and the over polished carpet queen build just wasn't my style since I like to ride my bikes. I ended up breaking it's cherry and taking it on a few local rides, even dirty trail rides and stream crossings, lol. I ended up buying the Elf Styler prototype #1 and building that up as a survivor. I still wasn't happy... There was something I had saw in 2011 in an advertisement from 1985 while researching some rare freestyle parts that burned into my head. I searched all over for years for just a picture of this bike to no avail. Nobody had seen one in 30 years... Until now. Here is my personal grail. My 1984 Powerlite Freestyle. I bought this in August 2015. As luck would have it, a second one showed up a week later located not far from where this was found. The second one was refinished and stickered up for Thompson Racing back in the 80's. Mine is the earliest known surviving example and the only one with original finish and decals. I was also able to locate a set of "prototype" Log Freestyle bars the year before which I was using on my Vector Freeplay. Only 4 of these bars are known. I built this as the average Joe would have back in 84/5 . Nothing over the top, nothing to distract from the unique bars and frameset. One piece cranks, coaster brake Skyways for some kick ass ramp tricks and some DC 880's. I love the way it turned out but will continue to refine it as time goes on. My Rocking Horse crap...
  4. Only known example with original finish & decals, earliest known surviving example of two known.
  5. Not related to the the original topic but this definitely goes right along with the gest of the comments. I'm a freestyle guy and I have been fairly lucky recently at being able to acquire some gems. My latest purchase is an extremely rare 84' Powerlite Freestyle frame and fork in original finish/decals. To my knowledge this is the only surviving example in original finish and one of two known. Looking at the bike, I noticed the frame shares similar design elements such as the low profile standing platform, double thick welded dropouts and the forks look virtually identical to my 84' GHP Trix which was made by Voris. I made note of this and Mark jumped all over my ass, again reminding me of how he put the stickers on it. My conversation with Voris informed me that he remembers making bars and forks for Steve but didn't remember any frames. He also confirmed that they were Powerlite dropouts on the fork. Marks response was that all the early freestyle bikes used that fork... (sorry, wrong guy to tell that to...) The only fork that shares that design are forks that Voris built... First gen Free Agent Free Flyte, VDC Freestyler, GHP Trix and obviously the Powerlite Freestyle. The design is a signature trademark VDC design. Marks response was that Voris' signature was a V... Here's a pic of the original advertisement, a couple pics of the frame and the last is my GHP Trix for comparison.
  6. Beautiful Steve. I think the gold in the pedals is a nice play with the decals. Bikes perfect.
  7. Seatmast stripped and polished out most of the light pitting with emerery cloth. Some pitting wouldn't come out so I used a high build primer to fill in those pits. Weather is going to suck the next few days so I'll paint it later in the week... :-)
  8. I was able to get the seatmast sticker of in mostly one piece. It had a rip where the paint flaked. It will look ok once the finish is repaired
  9. Right you are Ben! I finally gave her completely broken down. Gonna work on it over the weekend
  10. Thanks! The Robinson would be a tough one... I'm still looking for a chrome GJS Freestyler and a Survivor 1st gen Vector. Maybe a few others too. I'm concentrating on upgrading the parts on some of my bikes and hunting for the "right" parts for some of the others.
  11. That surfaced a few years ago. I bought it from Randy. looptailnut
  12. Here's a couple more... 85' Futura Freestyler in original chrome. One of two known 87' Futura Freestyler, one of 3 known 84 Torker Freestylist project 86' Trickstar
  13. Here's a few of them... Left to right- 84' GHP Trix, restored. I did the paint 85' ELF Styler prototype. One of four made, two known. Original finish 85' Vector Unlimited(the one in this post) 86' Vector Freeplay. One of two survivor finish, 6 known 87' CTS Freestyler, only one known. Undergoing full restoration. I did the paint 92' Ground Master. Chromeys original frame.
  14. Maybe I misunderstood his comment, and if so, then I do whole heartedly apologize. I understand how you guys feel about original finish, survivor bikes, trust me, I get it. I also know a lot of you look down on freestyle bikes in general, rare or not. To me, this bike is like finding an STR-1 or JU-6 and I am trying to do my part to preserve this example. Joe Buffardi, I know who you are. I know you have done some spot restorations and honestly took Marks comment as a double dig on both of us. I don't know Mark, I'm sure he is a good guy but same token, most of you don't know me either. I have a nice modest collection of early freestylers with some rare examples. Two of them are listed here under my bikes. Now, since I've made an ass out of myself and admitted it, can we get back to the topic... :-)
  15. No douche... Sounds like I'm trying to preserve as much of the original finish as possible and keep the frame structurally sound. No need for your stupid innuendos so if you have nothing nicer to say than that, open your mouth and kindly insert a Dick. Thank you and have a swell day!