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  1. streetfreak


    i think i will take the pedals...? please pm over a pic or two and your paypal. thanks
  2. streetfreak


    I have some torker cruiser bars, kinda look like koi bars.
  3. did these go on ebay? i looked today and dont see them? link?
  4. streetfreak

    this was a sweet build, and one i wish i would have kept.
  5. 244mm in a 4x lace has worked like a charm for me on araya 7x and 24" z-rims with high and low flange hubs. you will want the spoke to just poke through the end of the nipple. if the spoke is short, and you ride them, you will run the chance of the nipple head popping off.
  6. i have a few mich. ones if it will help for font/size etc.hit me up for a loaner if you someone to print some up.
  7. a bit before my time,but super cool to see some of the roots.
  8. i love it, i used one on a 94 24" retro redline build, i ride it alot and dont worry about damaging a $200 seat.