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  1. Hey William, I love the PK but I am biased as you know LOL! I am happy that you finally got the opportunity to own it. I miss it often and look forward to another someday THe STR1 is the one I get hot bothered for and easily could be in trouble if one came my way! Thats the SE I would make some bad decisions in order to add to my stable. THe OM is very nice and makes our mutual friend's Om easier to purge from the bikes that cause frustration from the owner's delusions of grandeur when it comes time to sell. You know what I am Talking about here LOL!
  2. I saw you score that Post for well under a bill! As soon as saw the listing in the Sold section I knew it had to be you all over that!! I want one even though I never use true Lay backs anymore. I would love a straight one and I am pretty sure they exist but not an easy find to say the least. The cranks are hands down the ultimate score for me and I can let the post slide for now LOL!! Thanks I was hoping you would have something more than Nice for this one HAHAHAHAHA
  3. No sir, nothing but OG Bubble goodness for this ride!! I don't own a set of modern AME poop at this time and hopefully wont have to LOL! I am careless in many ways but I try to keep it tight with my rides and with a discerning group on the look out, it is imperative to do so
  4. Thanks again to everyone who has commented and for all the compliments. I will have to post the Bandito up in the next few days as well as a few others. So there will be a healthy dose of 80 to 85 bmx goodness coming from my stable this week!
  5. Thanks William!! I cant wait to complete this set of snakes
  6. I am not sure on exact year but my assumption was 1981. I have yet to contact Mr. Melton to get the birth certificate or just the date of production etc. Thanks for the compliments and the MCS stem really does it for me on this one.
  7. Thanks Barry I really appreciate the compliments . I have a lot respect for your builds and overall steeze. I really enjoy compliments from the guys I respect in this hobby
  8. I am in agreement with the Bullseye Products! The drive side pedal is definitely OG bullseye and was the only pedal when I received the bike. I did some trading and came up with a set of black and gold and used one of the pedals to complete the set. The half in spindle was still in the crank and I mounted the pedal to it. I scuffed the new looking cage a bit to match the OG one. Surprisingly the pedal bodies color match Identically so I am hoping that it is an actual old pedal body. Either way I wanted to use the Ultra max set up and the only way would be to find a pedal due to fact that the pedal and spindle were both fused to the cranks and a few snap on allen keys lost their lives to trying to remove them. The tire choice has been up in the air and I really wanted to use one of my snake belly fronts and I will probably use a snake belly rear since having just sourced one. Thank you for the honest critique and the compliments for sure. I have a few more builds to post up and hope for the same response
  9. The Ultra max cranks are my favorite part on the bike. I had been looking for a set for some time and these were the best surprise when I got it. I was able to come up with a match to single Bullseye pedal as well which did not seem like an easy task! I took my time and I am very pleased with the result. This is definitely a keeper
  10. thanks Joe! This is one is at the top of my favorites in the stable. I cant stop looking at it and I love the way it rides as well. I really want to find a matching top cup for the headset but thats it
  11. I am sure I missed something so if you have questions I will gladly answer them
  12. Here is a bike I have been slowly returning to its former glory and I am almost satisfied with the results.I had been wanting another JMC after having sold the three that started my obsession with Old School BMX again. I knew I wanted an early Black shadow that still wore its og black finish and this is what I came up with. I love this bike and hope you all can appreciate it as much as I do. Please let me know what you think and I value the honesty of the members here so don't be shy! I am looking for one last piece if anyone can help- Gold top cup Tange mx 5 if possible but any faded gold will work. JMC BLACK SHADOW Og finishes and decals on all parts Black shadow frame and fork JMC FAB bars w Ame bubble font tri grips MCS 6 bolt in gold Tange mx5 bottom cup gold and top cup is chrome bear trap type tange headlock Ultra max 175 OPC cranks with Ultra max sealed bearings Phils 2nd gen spider Gold shimano 44 Bullseye 1st Gen pedals w 1/2 in spindles Hkk chain 7x rear and 7c front with gold bullseye hubs, gold spokes and nipples og to the set Shimano dx post Cinelli unicantor seat Shimano dx lever w Terry cable Shimano Tourney caliper w 1st gen koolstops
  13. This definitely warranted its 1st place title at the reunion! I love the story and the "extras" you received with this time capsule. Barry has a keen eye and all of his builds exude a silky smooth style! Kudos Barry
  14. I was awe struck at first sight!! I was able to get plenty of eye time being that my set up semi adjacent to this thought provoking build. When you see so many of the same themes and ideas re hashed in this hobby it is so refreshing to see a scholarly approach taken with the result being a powerful and controversial master piece. I thought I had some juice that day with what I brought and was humbly reminded how an OG does it! I really enjoyed meeting you and have admired your steeze for some time on both forums. I loved the fact that you were in fact the other moniker that drops the truth over there. The Dirty Jerz always brings it hard and this was no exception. I hope to chop it up again soon and pick your brain for some proper feedback on my whips. I will never forget that I was in the presence of Snow White as well as Old Phart! Hahahahahaha!!! J Reb
  15. Hey Joe I had a great time as well. You did a beautiful job with the PK!!! Good to see you and hope to catch up soon