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  1. Ryan #2 - Hence the word reference or compared to....... Again, I have looked at the pitch for hours based on this post and in my opinion, they line up....
  2. Now, here is a straight ahead pic with the same lines. Honestly, to me it looks the same as all the other pics. If you dont agree, good thing its sold to another.
  3. VDC- The bikes you pictured are straight shots from the side. The pics I posted are coming from high bar side looking down so your lines being 2-D flat would not be accurate measurement method. Ryan - I was the 2nd gunman during that JFK thing:-)
  4. LOL. I think its a Huffy...Well, actually my dad is a TV repair man & has a killer set of tools... I will be flyin home at lunch to get pics without the bright lights to end this comedy. I will also include pics of its prize certificate for best of show - old school BMX San Diego CA. 2004
  5. Hey- Ill try to get some more pics up shortly. JMCGT, I see what you are saying... I will take pics of it without a spotlight on it (I tried to show the chrome under bright lights). For some reason, the bottom half of the down tube (Where decal is) blends in with the background so it looks like the tube has a different pitch. You will see with better pics, the pitch is the same and there is no bending, warping, ect. I will pay 100% return shipping costs if this is anything less than listed. I am confident this CW is flawless. Thank you
  6. Show CW Phaze1 BMX. All original & in mint condition. CW Phaze1 Frame CW Forks, Bars, Stem & Clamp Sugino CT175 Cranks MKS Lockjaw pedals Dia Compe Nippon brake Pro Class Wheels With SR Hubs & Comp 3 Tires Viscount Seat, AME Grips This CW is 100% flawless. I will list on Ebay if not sold by tomorrow 1/17/2011 - Price is $1000 delivered - Price is firm - Please message me for Paypal info, Thank U